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St. Francis is a Priest-like cheat unit in Age of Empires, who can be spawned only by typing "Convert This!" into the chat box. He looks like a Priest, but is much more powerful and cannot convert or heal individual units. The unit has 200 attack and a range of 10, has no armor and starts with 25 hit points. His stats can be upgraded as with a normal Priest.


Bronze Age

  • Mysticism - Doubles the hit points from 25 to 50.
  • Polytheism - Increases movement speed by 40%.

Iron Age

Civilization Bonuses[]

  • If played as the Egyptians, the unit can have as high as 16 range points.
  • If played as the Babylonians, the rate of fire increases by 50%.
  • If played as the Macedonians, the unit is four times resistant to enemy conversion.


  • Saint Francis refers to a saint living in the 12th century, which is not in the period on which Age of Empires is based.