This article is about the god power in Age of Mythology. For other uses of the term, see Spy.
Spy is a Norse Archaic Age god power in Age of Mythology that is available to worshipers of Loki. When invoked on an enemy unit, it shows the surrounding area of the unit to the player until it is killed.

Strategy Edit

Unlike other god powers, the enemy receives no notification that Spy has been used. This makes it very useful for performing reconnaissance on the enemy. It is best to use it on a civilian unit, as military units are likely to be killed. It also enables the player to see how to disrupt the enemy's economy. Another use is to boost exploration by using the power on an enemy scout.

Players facing Loki can check manually in the diplomacy settings if the god power has been used and thus sometimes pin the possible traitors down to a small group of units, often grouped to not be engaged in forward hunting or other important activities anymore.

The Spy provides 27 LOS over the target unit. The target's units LOS is likely to be smaller, making a Spy on a Greek scout unit provide more LOS to the Loki player than to the Greek player owning the scout.

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