This article is about the unit in the handheld video game. For the unit in the PC game, see Sphinx.

The Sphinx is an Egyptian myth unit in Age of Empires: Mythologies available to worshipers of Bast.

Statistics Edit

  • Train at: Shrine
  • Cost: 150 Gold, 40 Favor
  • Type: Myth Unit, Heavy Infantry
  • Attack: 90
  • Range: N/A
  • Defense: 35
  • HP: 90
  • Movement: 15

Researches Edit

Specific Edit

  • Criosphinx (Bast): gains +10% HP, +10% Attack and +5% Defense

General Edit

Age I: Attack x0.6, HP x0.6

Age II: Attack x0.75, HP x0.75

Age III: Attack x0.9, HP x0.9

Osiris reduces Gold cost by 10%

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