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Special tree or unique tree is a term colloquially used to refer to twelve models of campaign-exclusive trees in Age of Empires II that appear in two scenarios that involve the ancient city of Jerusalem. They appear close to the Dome of the Rock in two scenarios, The Siege of Jerusalem and The Emperor Sleeping, in the Saladin and Barbarossa campaigns, respectively.

All trees listed have 125 wood and 20 hit points, and are also available for placement in the Scenario Editor, their names listed as Tree + letter, as in the gallery below.


  • Originally, some of the special trees were part of the oak tree set during the 1998 era-builds.
  • Due to their shorter height, Trees D, J, K, and L were placed manually in the Barbarossa, Attila the Hun, Alaric, and Sforza campaigns along with bushes to simulate Mediterranean forests or cultivated trees. Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition finally introduced a separate Mediterranean type forest.
  • Similarly, the leafless Trees F and I were used sometimes in winter or "scary" places of the Attila the Hun and Dracula campaigns before the Definitive Edition introduced "Forest, dead", which is completely leafless.
  • While the special trees always have the same appearance in the original game, they have a number of slightly different sprites in the Definitive Edition, though still recognizable (e.g. all sprites of Tree F are leafless and have branches on both sides, all sprites of Tree I have branches on one side only, etc).