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This article is about the unit in Age of Mythology. For other uses of the term, see Spearman.

The Spearman is the Egyptian standard infantry unit in Age of Mythology, and is trained at the Barracks from the Classical Age. They are faster and cheaper than the other standard infantry units and have better armor, but have the lowest hit points.

Like other basic infantry units Spearmen are a soft counter against cavalry and as such supposed to be cost-effective against most cavalry units. Heavier cavalry such as War Elephants and Jarls require hard counter units to be cost-effectively defeated. Spearmen however can be upgraded into hard counter units against cavalry through the mythic upgrade Greatest of Fifty.

Attack bonuses[]

Strengths and Weaknesses[]

Strong against
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Like all the Egyptian Classical Age units, Spearmen are specialized, though they are more versatile than Axemen and Slingers Spearmen specialize against Cavalry like the spearmen in the other Age games. As they are fairly fast, they are capable of attacking counter-archers such as the Slinger and Turma, (they also do bonus damage against the Turma.) They can also close in on siege weapons, to which they do double damage. Their speed and low cost also makes them good scouts.

Spearmen should be used in conjunction with the other Egyptian units, since they are outmatched by other infantry units and standard archers can easily defeat them. Axemen or Slingers can be placed with them to balance out these weaknesses. From the Heroic Age, Spearmen are less useful, as the anti-cavalry role is taken over by Camelry, which are faster and better against archers and anti-infantry. However, Spearmen are quicker to train and much cheaper, so better against massed cavalry units at a pinch. Set players may also prefer to train Spearmen if they choose to worship Horus.


The Titans[]


The spear had several advantages as a weapon. Its length could keep enemies at a distance. The point narrowly focused the thrusting power and could penetrate most armor. It was relatively light and inexpensive, being made mostly of wood. Its disadvantage was that once the enemy was past the point, the spearman had little defense. Spears were especially good against horse when used by many men in formation holding the spear points out. Horses rarely charged into a bank of pointed spears, protecting all in the formation.


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