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This article is about the minor native civilization in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition - The African Royals. For civilization in Christopher Da Gama's Expedition scenario, see Somalians.

The Somalis are a native African settlement found in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition - The African Royals. Like all natives, they can be allied with by building a Trading Post at their Trading Post site.


  • Somali Darood Militia Portrait.png Somali Darood Militia: Somali militiaman of the Darood clan. Specialized at countering artillery and ships.
  • Somali Issa Warrior Portrait.png Somali Issa Warrior: Heavy ranged Somali javelineer. Attacks closer targets faster. Counters cavalry from range.


Age Technology Cost Effect
Age I tech tree aoe3.png
Somali coinage.png Somali Coinage 250 food,
250 wood
Trade Routes generate +30% resources; Villagers and Fishing Boats gather coin 10% faster
Somali jile daggers.png Somali Jile Daggers 150 wood,
150 coin
Foot archers and rifle infantry get -35% melee ROF; Melee Skirmishers get +20% melee attack; Urumis get -20% ROF
Som ajuran engineers.png Somali Ajuran Engineers 250 wood,
250 coin
Outpost, Blockhouse, War Hut, Castle, and Watch Tower build limit +4; Artillery, siege unit, and warship gets +0.2× multiplier against Outposts, Blockhouses, War Huts, Castles, and Watch Towers
Askari Local Forces.png Somali Local Forces 50 wood,
50 coin
Trading Posts on Somali settlements can train Askaris
Somali berbera seaports.png Somali Berbera Seaport 250 wood,
250 coin
Ships 1 Red Sea Wagon; Receive 1 Fishing Boat with every future Home City shipments
Somali oryx shields.png Somali Oryx Hide Shields 250 food,
250 wood
Infantry melee/ranged resistance +10%; melee infantry cost -10%
Somali lighthouses.png Somali Lighthouses 250 wood,
250 coin
Outposts, Blockhouses, War Huts, Castles, and Watch Towers get +10 LOS; Trading Posts on Somali settlements can use Lighthouse


Alliance Somalis.png

The Somalis are also a Commerce Age Alliance option for the Ethiopians. Allying with the Somalis to advance into the Commerce Age allows Somali Darood Militia and Somali Issa Warriors to be trained at the Palace and Native Embassy, and the Berbera Seaport and Coinage technologies to be researched at the Mountain Monastery.


Colonial age up.png 1 Native Embassy Builder and 400 influence
Fortress age up.png 7 Somali Issa Warriors
Industrial age up.png 9 Somali Issa Warriors
Imperial age up.png 17 Somali Issa Warriors

In-game dialogue[]

Somali units speak Somali language, an Afroasiatic language belonging to the Cushitic branch.

  • Select 1
  • Select 2
  • Select 3
  • Move 1
  • Move 2
  • Move 3
  • Attack 1
  • Attack 2
  • Attack 3


  • The Mogadishu Lighthouse is featured in the Somali settlement. However, this is anachronistic as it was built in the early 20th century by Italians.


The Somalis (etymology uncertain) are among the indigenous inhabitants of the Horn of East Africa, which juts out between the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean. During the early modern period, the region was ruled by a series of sultanates, all of which derived their power from two principal usages of water: land irrigation and maritime trade. While the arid climate on the mainland made a consistent water supply crucial for agriculture and sustenance, the nearby seas played host to some of the most lively trade networks in world history. The port of Berbera, for example, was a crucial conduit of supplies to and from the mainland.

Following the collapse of the Adal and Ajuran Sultanates in the 16th and 17th centuries, the region fragmented into several minor kingdoms, such as Bari, Girad, and Majeerteen. Their rule was abruptly interrupted by the Scramble for Africa in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, which saw the British and Italians in particular attempt to impress their rule on the Somali people. Although resistance was carried out in spurts by groups such as the Darawiish (Dervishes), it would not be until 1969 that the Somali people finally regained independence.