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This article is about the god in Age of Mythology. For the god in Age of Empires: Mythologies, see Sobek (Age of Empires: Mythologies).
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Release date: September 4, 2024

You have advanced to the Heroic Age through the grace of Sobek.
—Age up text

Sobek is an Egyptian Heroic Age minor god in Age of Mythology: Retold. He is available to Ra and Isis.

He replaces Hathor in Retold.


God power[]


Myth units[]

  • RocIcon Roc: A giant eagle that can transport units.
  • PetsuchosIcon Petsuchos: A crocodile that fires a powerful beam of light with 100% accuracy.

Technology tree[]

AoMR Sobek artwork
God power
Locust Swarm
Town Center
Sun-dried Mud Brick
Sundried Mudbrick
AoMR Solar Barque icon
Solar Barque


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A mysterious and often obscure deity, Sobek is a son of the trickster god Set and the creation goddess Neith. This led to a multidimensional personality in Egyptian cult and belief systems; while Sobek was most closely associated with monarchical power and fierce defense against the dangers of the world, he also had a darker side. He was known for ferocious aggression, thievery, lechery, and violence. In a way, this collection of qualities can cause Sobek to be seen as a personification of the survival instinct; in another, it can be seen as reflective of the Nile crocodile, a fierce and territorial species that ancient Egyptians regarded with both fear and respect. After all, this species was immeasurably old even when Egyptian civilization was quite young. Sobek's main cult center was at Faiyum, which the Greeks knew as Crocodilopolis.
—In-game Treasury section
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