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This article is about the unit in the handheld video game. For the unit in other games of the series, see Slinger.
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The Slinger is an Egyptian unit in Age of Empires: Mythologies.


The Slinger is a very effective archer unit of the Egyptian army. Slingers, unlike other early archers, can be used effectively in any age in numbers thanks to their cheapness compared to chariot archers. The Slingers' high attack for an archer allows them to easily dispatch light infantry and in groups heavy infantry and cavalry. They are one of the best human archers along with the long ranged Gastrephetes and the long distance traveling chariot archer. However myth units, heavy infantry, and cavalry will destroy them with one attack so keeping distance and being protected by other units is key to the Slinger's full usefulness. When a player's economy allows it chariots can and should replace Slingers for higher attack and much better movement across the map.


The Slinger uses a sling and pelts enemies with black stones. They are dressed similar to the Spearman and the Khepesh. Many relics and major and minor gods help Slingers which include Hathor, Sobek, and Set, whose god power temporarily increases archer range.