Sky Passages are buildings in Age of Mythology: The Titans that are only available to Atlanteans following Oranos. Sky Passages are cheap, but extremely efficient tactical devices, and one of Oranos's unique features. Sky Passages are tactically useful because they allow rapid movement of troops. Up to thirty units at a time can be put inside and can exit out of any Sky Passage on the map. One Sky Passage can be built near an empty settlement, and multiple citizens can suddenly teleport to it to build it quickly. If attacked, multiple military units can instantly be deployed.

Sky Passages can be upgraded with Safe Passage, which reduces the cost and adds a weak attack to defend themselves. Because up to 10 Sky Passages can be built, and because they allow for an unlimited number of teleports, Sky Passages are one of the most tactically sound buildings in the game.

In-game information[edit | edit source]

The Sky Passage allows armies or Citizens, through the power of the Titan Oranos, to travel instantly across vast distances.

To use the power of the Sky Passage, select a unit or group of units and select the garrison button on the lower part of the screen (it looks like an opening door with an arrow pointing through it). Your units will go inside the Passage and be able to step out of any other Sky Passage (select another Sky Passage and click the garrison button again to release your units). Remember that you must have at least two Sky Passages to use this ability. If you have more than two Sky Passages your units may step out of any one of them.

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