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Come, come. Warm yourself by old Skult's fire.
—Skult's first words to Arkantos and his army

Skult is an elderly Norse man (who is truly the god Loki in disguise) in Age of Mythology. He helps Gargarensis upon his arrival in the Norselands.

Campaign appearances[]

Fall of the Trident[]

When the heroes first encounter him, he claims to be able to help them unite the Norse tribes against Gargarensis, and gives them a flag which he claims the Norse tribes will rally under. When the heroes reveal the flag to the feuding tribes, however, they become enraged and attack them.

Upon Arkantos questioning Skult, he laughs at him and escapes by transforming into ravens. Arkantos is afterward informed by Reginleif that the flag is that of Folstag's band of Frost Giants, who are notorious pillagers, and that this was a favorite trick of Loki.

After the heroes sealed the Norse Gate of Tartarus in Nifelheim, Gargarensis and Skult concocted a scheme to take their foes by surprise. Using the counter-attack of Gargarensis' army as a decoy, Skult used his magic to turn the bandit Kemsyt into a doppelgänger of the Cyclops to trick the heroes in trying to kill their greatest adversary. Though Gargarensis' army falls, including the "fake" one, Skult's scheme was pulled off successfully as the heroes realized on their way to Atlantis that they killed the wrong culprit after Skult (in the form of signature ravens) undid his magic, laughing at their expense.

Skult's fate remains ambiguous, though it is certain that he admitted defeat.

The Golden Gift[]

Skult also plays the role of the main antagonist of The Golden Gift. When Brokk and Eitri plans to forge a mighty Battle Boar as a gift to the god Freyr, Skult approaches each of them and convinces them that the other is trying to finish the boar themselves, and take all credit. Brokk and Eitri fight over the boar, but when it is finally assembled, Skult reveals himself as Loki and steals the boar which vanishes in thin air alongside him.

Brokk and Eitri join forces and manages to win the boar back, but as they approach Skult, he vanishes as his signature ravens.


  • Skult was the main Norse character in the original Age of Mythology campaign, with Misenus, this was changed to Skult being a Norse general (Loki in disguise) that could cast god powers (like Misenus) but he was changed again to his current form because it would've been too obvious that he was Loki.
  • Skult originally attacked with a dagger, but this was changed and he can no longer attack.
  • Skult is an example of the Old Beggar Test trope.
  • Although Skult has his own voice actor, in-game he sounds like any other Norse human soldier.
  • Although Skult cannot carry Relics, the animations of him carrying a Relic are left in the game's files.


Age -- 79
Homeland -- Midgard
Occupation -- hunter-gatherer

Special attack -- grovels or flees

This cantankerous old man seems knowledgeable about his homeland and is at least willing to share his campfire with those who can protect him from rampaging giants. After meeting Amanra in Egypt, Arkantos was hoping to meet a Norse hero who was a little more impressive.


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