"He wants to kill you for invading his land"
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The Skraeling is a non-player controlled infantry unit in Age of Mythology.

They represent Native Americans on the Vinlandsaga random map. They look identical to standard Ulfsarks, but are weaker and slower.

Strategy Edit

They are not controlled by any player, but rather works similar to a wild animal, living in Vinland, with no starting base.

Unlike wild animals, they bear no food, are clouded by the fog of war, and attacks all units on sight, not just villagers. It is advised to stay alert in early colonization, as they can wipe out several villagers at once.

However, most military units will defeat them with relative ease. It is possible to convert them with Chinese Monks, but seeing as Monks are only available at the Heroic Age, there might not be many left on the map and the ones that are left might not be worth converting.

Upgrades Edit

General Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Using the cheat code "SET ASCENDANT" (which allows control of all animals on the map) on Vinlandsaga will give the player to control of every Skraeling.
  • Despite being Native Americans, they share not only the same model with the Ulfsark, but also speak Old Norse rather than an indigenous language.

History Edit

"Skraeling" was the Viking name for the native tribes they encountered in North America. Skraeling attacks were the main reasons listed by the Vikings as the reason for abandoning their colonies. The Skraelings may have been Micmac or Beothuk Indians, or a tribe that no longer exists in modern times.

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