The Sitting Tiger is a Chinese siege weapon in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon.

Attack bonuses Edit

  • Buildings ×4
  • Ships ×2.5

God Bonuses and Upgrades Edit

General Edit

Shennong allows Sitting Tigers to deal area of effect damage and have +10 Base Pierce attack.

Changelog Edit

Tale of The Dragon Edit

  • Initially, Shennong's Sitting Tigers have 300% bonus damage vs buildings. With patch 2.7, this is increased to 320% bonus damage.
  • Originally, Onagers and Sitting Tigers did not get increased range from Engineers. This was fixed in patch 2.7.

History Edit

Hudun Pao, "crouching tiger" or "sitting tiger," is an ancient Chinese siege machine which launched a projectile from a sling at the end of its arm, which was mounted on a rigid triangular frame.

The Sitting Tiger is an early version of the traction trebuchet, which means that it was powered by the pulling force of men on ropes attached to the short end of the arm. The engine was smaller and had shorter range than its larger counterweight-driven counterparts, but this made it far more portable.

Trivia Edit

  • Although its depiction in-game resembles a catapult, the Sitting Tiger is based on a Trebuchet which was used during the Siege of Xiangyang of AD 1273.

Gallery Edit

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