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Sir Francis Drake (ca. 1540 — 1596) is a British explorer and privateer who plays a major role in the Raid on the Caribbean, which is featured as a Historical Battle in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition.


The eldest of twelve sons, Drake was born in 1540 in southwestern England, but moved to Kent in 1549 to avoid religious persecution. Swiftly rising from a lowly apprentice to captain of his own ship, Drake soon joined a fleet of privateers conducting raids on Portuguese and Spanish holdings in Africa and the Caribbean. During one such endeavor in 1568, Drake's fleet was crushed by Spanish warships, forcing him to escape the enemy by swimming. A decade later, from 1577-1580, Drake circumnavigated the globe, looting several Spanish treasure ships en route, a feat for which he was knighted by Elizabeth I. After Spain declared war on England, Drake led an expedition from 1585-1586, pillaging Spanish colonies in the Caribbean, an act which prompted a Spanish invasion of England. Drake delayed this invasion by sacking the ports of La Coruna and Cadiz before crushing the Spanish Armada itself in 1588, in part due to his ingenious use of fire ships. Eight years later, he fell in a raid on Spanish Panama in 1596.

In-game unit[]

An English privateer.
—In-game description

In-game dialogue[]

Sir Francis Drake reuses the British Explorer's dialogue files.