Simón Bolívar
Simón Bolívar
Name: Simón Bolívar
Nationality: Venezuelan
Residence(s): Venezuela
Affiliation: Venezuelan Revolutionaries
Profession: Revolutionary/Politician
Voiced by: Benito Martinez
Games: Age of Empires III
First game: Age of Empires III
Last game: Age of Empires III
Simón Bolivar

The Revolutionary

Simón Bolívar was a Venezuelan political leader who contributed greatly in the nation's independence and is also a playable hero character in Age of Empires III and a revolutionary leader in The WarChiefs. He is voiced by Benito Martinez.

Campaign Edit

"Simon Bolivar was born in Caracas, a Spanish town on the Caribbean in present-day Venezuela. He led soldiers and settlers in their revolt against Spain. He was called "the Liberator," and was responsible for leading the present-day nations of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, and Venezuela to freedom from Spain. In 1821 he was named president of Gran Colombia, but the fractious nations splintered apart, despite Bolivar's rash efforts to keep them together by declaring himself dictator in 1828. After a failed assassination attempt, and no real improvement in the stability of his rule, Bolivar resigned his presidency and died of tuberculosis in 1830."

Simón Bolívar is a hero infantry unit. He is featured in Age of Empires III as General Bolívar. He aids Amelia Black in the battle against the Spanish in Peru.

Bolivar is taking part in the War of Peruvian Independence when he comes across Amelia Black and her party. He agrees to help her find Pierre Beaumont, the man who betrayed her, but only in return for her aid in liberating several villages and helping to storm the Spanish fortress. When she accomplishes her objective in doing all of these tasks, Bolivar sends Strelets to help her navigate the Andes Mountains.

The WarChiefs Edit

In The WarChiefs, he appears as a revolutionary hero. He can be selected as the nation's revolutionary hero and the flag changes to that of Peru. Otherwise, he does not appear and does not say a line.

He is available to the Russians and Germans, and gives all units +5% hit points.

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