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Fast but expiring source of Coin.
—In-game description

Silver Mine is a natural resource that contains coin in Age of Empires III. Silver mines are more common on the map than Gold Mines, which contain two-and-a-half times the amount of coin. Each Silver Mine contains 2,000 coin, which can be mined by Settlers, Villagers, Coureur des Bois, as well as Miners.

Settlers can gather coin faster from the Silver Mine with Market upgrades such as Placer Mines and Amalgamation.


The mountain called Cerro Rico housed a fabulously rich silver mine. The mining town of Potosi, in what is now Bolivia, mushroomed to service these mines. Spanish viceroys - charged with overseeing Spain's interests - exploited the Incan concept of public service, mita, to work the mines. Much of the silver siphoned back to Spain from the New World was from the mines of Potosi.