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This article is about the siege weapons in Age of Empires II. For the armor class, see Armor class: Siege weapon. For siege weapons in other games of the series, see Siege unit.
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Siege weapons in Age of Empires II are one of the four combat forces on land, the other ones being archers, infantry, and cavalry. They are powerful units that excel at destroying enemy buildings or massed units.

Siege weapons first become available in the Castle Age (excluding the Cumans), and most upgrades are only available in the Imperial Age. They are mainly built at the Siege Workshop, but some (Trebuchets, Petards, and unique siege weapons) are created at the Castle.

General information[]

Mangonel anim aoe2.gif

A Villager repairing a Capped Ram.

Siege weapons are the most diverse class of military units in the game. Some attack at close range, like rams, and others at mid-to-long range, like Trebuchets (which are the longest ranged units in the game); some are suicide units, like Petards; and one, the Siege Tower, has no attack, and is used to ferry Infantry and Archer units over walls instead.

Siege weapons that are predominantly organic (namely the Petard, the Ballista Elephant, and the Flaming Camel) cost food and gold to create, can be garrisoned in Castles (but not in other Siege Weapons), and are healed by Monks. Those that are mechanical, on the other hand, cost wood and gold, and have to be repaired by Villagers in a similar manner to buildings and ships. Repairing siege weapons costs gold. Bombard Cannons and Organ Guns belong to the second category despite having a visible human operator, unlike non-gunpowder siege weapons.

Generally speaking, siege weapons are the most expensive units and take longest to train. Bombard Cannons and Flaming Camels also require Chemistry and Timurid Siegecraft to be researched before becoming available, respectively.

Besides Monks, siege weapons are the only units that cannot be converted initially. Redemption must be researched in order to convert siege weapons.

All siege weapons are slow and vulnerable to melee units, even if they can attack at close range. As a result, they should be protected by other units or fortifications.


Capped Rams destroying an enemy Castle.

Siege Onager knocking down trees.

Depending of their use, siege weapons can be broadly divided into those whose main purpose is to destroy buildings, and those that excel against enemy units.

Anti-building weapons[]

  • Rams have high pierce armor, attack at close range, and deal great damage to buildings, but their attack against units is negligible (excluding other siege weapons). Since The Conquerors, they can improve their speed and anti-building attack by garrisoning infantry units.
  • Petards are suicide units that deal great damage to buildings in a radius, but their effect on units is limited. Their attack is triggered even if they are killed before reaching their objective.
  • Trebuchets shoot powerful projectiles at very long distances. Though they may kill individual units in one hit, they are unlikely to because of their missing rate and slow rate of fire (excluding, to some extent, other Trebuchets). They also have to be packed to move and unpacked to shoot, and have a minimum range.

Anti-unit weapons[]

  • Mangonels shoot projectiles at mid-range that cause area damage, allowing them to hit several massed units at once. They are less effective against buildings because they are outranged by all fortifications except garrisoned Town Centers, and can also damage units belonging to the same player or an ally (for example, rams and melee troops attacking the same enemy as the Mangonel).
  • Scorpions and Ballista Elephants shoot projectiles with the ability to damage several units in a line, but cause little damage to buildings.
  • Organ Guns are similar to Hand Cannoneers, but fire volleys that can hit up to five units in close proximity at once.
  • Flaming Camels are suicide units, but contrary to Petards, their attack bonus is against Cavalry, and their effect on buildings is limited.

Mixed weapons[]

  • Bombard Cannons fire powerful projectiles at a range only surpassed by Elite Cannon Galleons and Trebuchets. Unlike the latter, it is also mobile enough to hit slow or massed units, and can dodge enemy projectiles to some extent.
  • Siege Towers have no attack of their own (since The African Kingdoms), but have high pierce armor and can garrison foot units, then unload them on the other side of a wall. As the transported units will be used to attack units or buildings behind the wall, Siege Towers can be considered indirectly useful against both. In The Forgotten, Siege Towers also fired arrow volleys like the Longboat, but their main purpose was still to protect and transport troops.
  • Flamethrowers shoot a stream of fire similar to the Fire Ship that is damaging to buildings and units alike. However, because they are Scenario Editor-only units, they cannot be upgraded and eventually become ineffective against both.

Special commands[]

Trebuchets, Mangonels, and Bombard Cannons can be ordered to attack ground, even when there are no enemy units in place at the time. This makes possible to hit units arriving later at a spot (for example, after being lured there or while in patrol), and (excluding Trebuchets) to kill units belonging to the same player or to an ally without having to change Diplomacy first (for example, if they get stuck in a bottleneck).

Trebuchets, Onagers (since The Forgotten), Siege Onagers, and Ballista Elephants can also be ordered to destroy trees, making them the only units able besides Villagers. This can be of high strategic importance in maps with dense forests, e. g. Black Forest.


Marked with yellow background are unique units.

Siege unit Building A HP At Ar PA Ra ROF LOS Sp F W G TT Ci
Battering ram aoe2DE.png Battering Ram Siege W.
175 2 -3 180 0 5 3 0.5 0 160 75 36 37
CappedRamIcon.jpg Capped Ram Siege W.
Imperial Age
200 3 -3 190 0 5 3 0.5 0 160 75 36 37
SiegeRamIcon.jpg Siege Ram Siege W.
Imperial Age
270 4 -3 195 0 5 3 0.6 0 160 75 36 20
MangonelIcon.jpg Mangonel Siege W.
50 40 0 6 7 6 9 0.6 0 160 135 46 37
OnagerIcon.jpg Onager Siege W.
Imperial Age
60 50 0 7 8 6 10 0.6 0 160 135 46 35
SiegeOnagerIcon.jpg Siege Onager Siege W.
Imperial Age
70 75 0 8 8 6 10 0.6 0 160 135 46 11
ScorpionIcon.jpg Scorpion Siege W.
40 12 0 7 7 3.6 9 0.65 0 75 75 30 37
HeavyScorpionIcon.jpg Heavy Scorpion Siege W.
Imperial Age
50 16 0 7 7 3.6 9 0.65 0 75 75 30 23
Siegetowericon.png Siege Tower Siege W.
220 0 -2 100 N/A N/A 8 0.8 0 200 160 36 37
BombardCannonIcon.jpg Bombard Cannon Siege W.
Imperial Age
80 40 2 5 12 6.5 14 0.7 0 225 225 56 20
PetardIcon.jpg Petard Castle
50 25 0 2 0 N/A 4 0.8 65 0 25 25 37
TrebuchetPackedIcon.jpg Trebuchet (packed) Castle
Imperial Age
150 0 2 8 N/A N/A 19 0.8 0 200 200 50 37
TrebuchetUnpackedIcon.jpg Trebuchet (unpacked) Castle
Imperial Age
150 200 1 150 16 10 19 0 0 200 200 50 37
Flamethrower aoe2de.png Flamethrower N/A N/A 160 4 2 2 5 0.25 7 0.6 N/A N/A N/A N/A 0
OrganGunIcon.jpg Organ Gun Castle
60 16 2 4 7 3.45 9 0.85 0 80 70 21 1
OrganGunIcon.jpg Elite Organ Gun Castle
Imperial Age
70 20 2 6 7 3.45 9 0.85 0 80 70 21 1
Ballistaelephanticon-DE.png Ballista Elephant Castle
250 8 0 3 5 0.25 7 0.8 100 0 80 25 1
Ballistaelephanticon-DE.png Elite Ballista Elephant Castle
Imperial Age
290 9 0 3 5 0.25 7 0.8 100 0 80 25 1
Flaming camel icon.png Flaming Camel Castle
Imperial Age
55 20 0 0 0 N/A 4 1.3 75 0 30 20 1
Average N/A N/A 113 33.5 -0.1 58.3 6.1 5.3 9.2 0.63 4.3 139.7 115.3 37.7 26.2


Listed below are all technologies that benefit siege weapons. Marked with yellow background are unique technologies. This list does not contain unit upgrades.

Technology Researched at Age Civilization Effect
Bloodlines.png Bloodlines Stable II 2 Increases HP of Flaming Camels and Ballista Elephants by +20
Husbandry.jpg Husbandry Stable III 2 Increases speed of Flaming Camels and Ballista Elephants by +10%
Siegeengineers.jpg Siege Engineers University IV 24 Increases range (except for rams and suicide units) by +1 and attack against buildings by +20%
Chemistry.jpg Chemistry University IV All Increases attack by +1 and enables creation of Bombard Cannon
Heresy.png Heresy Monastery III 22 Converted machines die instead of changing color
Faith.jpg Faith Monastery IV 34 Increases conversion resistance
Conscription.jpg Conscription Castle IV All Increases creation speed for Castle units by +33%
CastleAgeUnique.png Kasbah Castle III Berbers Castle production and research speed increased by +25%
Unique-tech-imperial.jpg Warwolf Castle IV Britons Trebuchets do blast damage and have 100% accuracy against units
Unique-tech-imperial.jpg Furor Celtica Castle IV Celts Increases HP of Siege Workshop units by +40%
Unique-tech-imperial.jpg Rocketry Castle IV Chinese Increases Scorpion attack by +4
Unique-tech-imperial.jpg Torsion Engines Castle IV Ethiopians Increases blast radius of Siege Workshop units
Unique-tech-imperial.jpg Kataparuto Castle IV Japanese Trebuchets pack, unpack, and fire faster
Unique-tech-imperial.jpg Double Crossbow Castle IV Khmer Scorpions and Ballista Elephants fire an additional projectile
Unique-tech-imperial.jpg Shinkichon Castle IV Koreans Mangonel range increased by +1
Unique-tech-imperial.jpg Drill Castle IV Mongols Siege Workshop units move +50% faster
Unique-tech-imperial.jpg Arquebus Castle IV Portuguese Increases Organ Gun and Bombard Cannon accuracy at moving targets
Unique-tech-imperial.jpg Scutage Castle IV Sicilians Pays 15 Gold to every team member for every siege weapon owned by the player
Unique-tech-imperial.jpg Timurid Siegecraft Castle IV Tatars Increases the range of Trebuchets by +2 and enables creation of Flaming Camels
CastleAgeUnique.png Ironclad Castle III Teutons Increases melee armor by +4
Unique-tech-imperial.jpg Artillery Castle IV Turks Increases the range of Bombard Cannons by +2

Note: Ballista Elephants also benefit from cavalry armor upgrades.


The Bulgarians, Slavs, Celts, Mongols, and Ethiopians have the best siege weapons due to their civilizations bonuses and unique technologies. The Britons, Huns, JapaneseKhmerKoreans, Tatars, and Teutons have also strong siege weapons, through less prominent than the before-mentioned civilizations.

The Lithuanians have the weakest siege weapons, as they lack the final upgrades to all of their siege units and Siege Engineers. The Huns and Turks are the only civilizations that cannot upgrade their Mangonels into Onagers.

The Ethiopians are the only civilization to have access to all units from the Siege Workshop.

Civilization bonuses[]

The following civilizations have bonuses that benefit siege weapons:

  • Aztecs: Siege weapons are created 11% faster.
  • Bulgarians: Siege Workshop technologies cost 50% less food.
  • Burgundians: Bombard Cannons have +25% attack.
  • Burmese: Monastery technologies that affect siege weapons are 50% cheaper.
  • Celts: Siege weapons fire 25% faster.
  • Chinese: Technologies that benefit siege weapons are 20% cheaper.
  • Cumans: Siege Workshops and Battering Ram/Capped Ram available in the Feudal/Castle Age.
  • Huns: Trebuchets are 30% more accurate.
  • Italians: Bombard Cannons are 20% cheaper. Researching Chemistry is 33% cheaper.
  • Portuguese: Siege units cost 20% less gold. Technologies that affect Siege units are researched 30% faster.
  • Spanish: Bombard Cannons fire 18% faster.
  • Slavs: Siege Workshop units are 15% cheaper.
  • Tatars: Siege weapons deal +25% damage when attacking from hills.
  • Turks: Chemistry is free and Bombard Cannons have +25% HP.
  • Vietnamese: Conscription is free.

Team bonuses[]

The following civilizations have team bonuses that benefit siege weapons:

  • Celts: Siege Workshops work 20% faster.
  • Khmer: Scorpions have +1 range.
  • Huns: Stable technologies that affect Flaming Camels and Ballista Elephants are researched 20% faster.
  • Indians: Flaming Camels have +4 attack against buildings.
  • Koreans: Mangonel minimum range reduced from 3 to 1.
  • Lithuanians: Monastery technologies that affect cavalry are researched 20% faster.
  • Malians: Technologies that affect siege weapons are researched 80% faster.
  • Teutons: Siege Weapons are more resistant to conversion.
  • Turks: Bombard Cannons are created 25% faster.


  • Early in development, the Mongols were planned to have a fast unique siege weapon that would be pulled by a horse or donkey. Although discarded for the Mangudai (a unique Cavalry Archer with bonus attack against siege weapons), it influenced the Mongol unique technology Drill (which increases the speed of siege weapons), as well as the Tarkan, a unique cavalry of the Huns with bonus attack against buildings.
  • Mangonels and Scorpions were planned to have visible human operators, like Bombard Cannons, and Mangonels would have to be packed to move and unpacked to shoot, like Trebuchets.