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This article is about the siege weapons in Age of Empires. For siege weapons in other games of the series, see Siege unit.
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Siege weapons in Age of Empires are one of the four combat forces on land, the other ones being archers, infantry, and cavalry. They are powerful units that excel at destroying enemy buildings or massed units.

Siege weapons first become available in the Bronze Age, and upgrades are only available in the Iron Age. They are built at the Siege Workshop. Siege weapons in Age of Empires can be categorized in two categories, each with their own distinct purpose. There are siege units that are used to destroy enemy buildings and defensive structures, and siege units that are designed to take down enemy units. Triremes, Catapult Triremes, Juggernaughts, and Ballista Towers all share attacks quite similar to siege units', but are not always counted as such.

Age of Empires is the only entry in the series to lack the non-ranged siege unit, the Ram, but War Elephants and Armored Elephants serve similar functions.

General information[]

In terms of Wood, Stone Throwers and other Catapults are the most expensive units in Age of Empires, while Ballistae and Helepolises are the second most expensive land units. Unlike ships, only Priests can repair them, not Villagers, and repairing them costs nothing.

As they move slowly, they are particularly vulnerable to cavalry, so it is advisable to bring a few regular units with them as escorts. However, siege weapons (along with Catapult Triremes and Juggernaughts) are the only units that can harm friendly units and buildings through collateral damage, so caution should be exercised, as they will likely inadvertently injure or kill any melee units assaulting the same target. Large buildings such as Town Centers are generally safe for melee units and siege weapons to assault in unison (unless the structure falls shortly before the last projectile reaches it), but smaller targets like Walls are less safe. Because siege projectiles move slowly, other units can dodge their attacks, but this requires a bit more micromanagement on the player's part.





Siege unit Building A HP At Ar PA R ROF LOS Sp F W G S TT
StoneThrower.jpg Stone Thrower Siege Workshop
75 50 0 0 10 5.375 13 0.8 0 180 80 0 60
CatapultAoE1.jpg Catapult Siege Workshop
75 60 0 0 12 5.375 15 0.8 0 180 80 0 60
HeavyCatapult.jpg Heavy Catapult Siege Workshop
150 60 0 0 13 5.375 16 0.8 0 180 80 0 60
Ballista.gif Ballista Siege Workshop
55 40 0 0 9 2.7 11 0.8 0 100 80 0 50
HelepolisAOEIcon.png Helepolis Siege Workshop
55 45 0 0 10 1.85 12 0.8 0 100 80 0 50


Listed below are technologies that benefit siege weapons. This list does not contain unit upgrades.

Technology Researched at Age Civilizations Effect
Alchemy.png Alchemy Government Center
13 Increases attack by +1
Ballistics.png Ballistics Government Center
15 Increases accuracy
Engineering.png Engineering Government Center
12 Increases range by 2

Civilization bonuses[]

  • Hittites: The Stone Thrower line has +50% hit points.
  • Macedonians: Siege weapons cost -25% and are four times more resistant to enemy conversion.
  • Sumerians: The Stone Thrower line has -30% reload time.