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Siege units or siege weapons are a class of units that deal massive damage to buildings in the Age of Empires games.

They are generally created at the Siege Workshop with the exception of Age of Empires III (apart from the Haudenosaunee).


Most siege units are man-made machines designed to fulfill different roles in battle but some units, such as an Armored Elephant, have characteristics of two classes. In this particular case, the Armored Elephant is both a cavalry unit and a siege unit.

They generally deal high damage and have high hit points but have slow rate of fire, slow speed, high cost, and are vulnerable to fast melee units, especially cavalry.

Any siege unit that has an 'attack ground' option can be used to attack friendly civilizations without retaliation. A friendly AI civilization being attacked will send a circle of units around the siege weapon but the units will do nothing.

Age of Empires[]

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Age of Empires II[]

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Age of Mythology[]

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Age of Empires III[]

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Age of Empires IV[]

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