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Destroyers in AoM

Atlantean Destroyers, an Atlantean infantry unit with high pierce armor, trained to fell structures

Siege infantry is a sub-group of siege units that are non-mechanical soldiers designated for siege warfare.


Siege infantry are a merger of the infantry (or archer) and siege weapon classes as they deal normal damage, and have natural attack bonus against buildings. Siege infantry in Age of Mythology deal both hack and crush damage.

Ambiguous units[]

Petards in Age of Empires II are not considered siege infantry due to their ambiguous nature, and lacking many qualities of infantry. It is possible to consider the Slinger in Age of Empires to be the first siege infantry unit in the series, because of his attack bonus against fortifications and because of the upgrades that affect (and do not affect) the unit.

Age of Mythology[]

Siege infantry was properly introduced in Age of Mythology: The Titans.

Age of Empires III[]

Siege infantry also appears in Age of Empires III, although siege infantry is not a separate unit type; rather, it has the same siege unit tag as the other siege units.

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