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This article is about the building in Age of Empires II. For the similar building in other games of the series, see Siege Workshop.

Used to build siege weapons.
Age of Empires II description

The Siege Workshop is a military building in Age of Empires II that becomes available once the Castle Age is reached and a Blacksmith is built. It trains and upgrades siege weapons.

Tactics and placement[]

The Siege Workshop is an essential building for all players as land siege engines (with the exception of Trebuchet and Petard) are created here. Siege Workshop units can rarely act on their own and need protection from other units, so it is advisable to train other units first.

The work rate of the Siege Workshop is slow and cannot be improved, so any player who wants to create Siege Workshop units in any relevant numbers should build multiple of them. It is advisable to build Siege Workshops near an enemy's settlement if playing offensively as this will cut off distance, especially considering all siege weapons move really slowly.

Trainable units[]

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DarkageDE.png FeudalageDE.png CastleageDE.png Imperial Age
Battering Ram Cappedramavailable.png Siegeramavailable.png
Armored Elephant Siege Elephant
Mangonel Onager Siegeonageravailable.png
Scorpionavailable.png Heavyscorpionavailable.png
Siege Tower Bombardcannonavailable.png Houfniceavailable.png

Availability grid[]

The following table shows the availability of the units for every civilization. Units that are available to all civilizations are not shown in the table.

Available.png = Available
Unavailable.png = Unavailable
Civilization Battering ram aoe2DE.png Capped ram aoe2DE.png Siege ram aoe2DE.png Armored Elephant Siege Elephant Onager Siege onager aoe2DE.png Heavyscorpion aoe2DE.png Bombard cannon aoe2DE.png
CivIcon-Aztecs.png Aztecs
Civ icon bengalis.png Bengalis
CivIcon-Berbers.png Berbers
Bohemians Icon.png Bohemians
CivIcon-Britons.png Britons
CivIcon-Bulgarians.png Bulgarians
Menu techtree burgundians.png Burgundians
CivIcon-Burmese.png Burmese
CivIcon-Byzantines.png Byzantines
CivIcon-Celts.png Celts
CivIcon-Chinese.png Chinese
CivIcon-Cumans.png Cumans
Civ Icon Dravidians.png Dravidians
CivIcon-Ethiopians.png Ethiopians
CivIcon-Franks.png Franks
CivIcon-Goths.png Goths
Civ Icon Gurjaras.png Gurjaras
CivIcon-Hindustanis.png Hindustanis
CivIcon-Huns.png Huns
CivIcon-Incas.png Incas
CivIcon-Italians.png Italians
CivIcon-Japanese.png Japanese
CivIcon-Khmer.png Khmer
CivIcon-Koreans.png Koreans
CivIcon-Lithuanians.png Lithuanians
CivIcon-Magyars.png Magyars
CivIcon-Malay.png Malay
CivIcon-Malians.png Malians
CivIcon-Mayans.png Mayans
CivIcon-Mongols.png Mongols
CivIcon-Persians.png Persians
Poles Icon.png Poles
CivIcon-Portuguese.png Portuguese
CivIcon-Saracens.png Saracens
Menu techtree sicilians.png Sicilians
CivIcon-Slavs.png Slavs
CivIcon-Spanish.png Spanish
CivIcon-Tatars.png Tatars
CivIcon-Teutons.png Teutons
CivIcon-Turks.png Turks
CivIcon-Vietnamese.png Vietnamese
CivIcon-Vikings.png Vikings
Civilization BatteringRamIcon.jpg CappedRamIcon.jpg SiegeRamIcon.jpg Armored Elephant Siege Elephant Onager SiegeOnagerIcon.jpg HeavyScorpionIcon.jpg BombardCannonIcon.jpg

Further statistics[]

Building strengths and weaknesses
Strong vs. Nothing
Weak vs. Everything
Hit points Masonry aoe2de.png Masonry (+10%)
ArchitectureDE.png Architecture (+10%)
Armor Masonry aoe2de.png Masonry (+1/+1, +3 building armor)
ArchitectureDE.png Architecture (+1/+1, +3 building armor)
Line of Sight TownWatchDE.png Town Watch (+4)
TownPatrolDE.png Town Patrol (+4)
Conversion defense FaithDE.png Faith
HeresyDE.png Heresy
Construction speed TreadmillCraneDE.png Treadmill Crane (+20%)
Other UniqueTechCastle-DE.png Kshatriyas (Armored Elephant line costs –25% food, Gurjaras only)

Civilization bonuses[]

Team bonuses[]

  • A team containing Celts: Siege Workshops work 20% faster.
  • A team containing Gurjaras: Armored Elephants are created 25% faster.
  • A team containing Lithuanians: Researching Faith and Heresy is 20% faster.
  • A team containing Malians: Researching Masonry, Architecture, and Treadmill Crane is 80% faster.
  • A team containing Slavs: Siege Workshops provide +5 population.


The Age of Kings[]

  • Siege Workshops always have 2,100 HP.

The Conquerors[]

The Forgotten[]

  • Siege Workshop HP staggered: 1,800/2,100 in the Castle/Imperial Age.
  • Siege Tower introduced.
  • Italians: Bombard Cannons are 15% cheaper.

The African Kingdoms[]

  • Italians: With patch 4.8, Bombard Cannons are now 20% cheaper.

Definitive Edition[]

Dawn of the Dukes[]

Dynasties of India[]

  • Armored Elephant-line introduced. It is Ram-line replacement for new, India-based civilizations.


The construction of castles and fortified towns created demand for artillery engines that could knock down walls and open the fortification to assault by troops. Without such artillery weapons, the taking of a castle required a long and costly siege that eventually starved the defenders into surrender. The ability to lay siege was constrained by the length of the campaigning season, the cost of providing supplies to a besieging army, the losses from disease in camp, and weather. Battering rams, trebuchets, and other siege engines were used to break into the fortification quickly and decide the issue. Siege engines were built at a siege workshop.