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This article is about the building in Age of Mythology. For the building in other games of the series, see Siege Workshop.

The Siege Works is an Egyptian Heroic Age building in Age of Mythology. It is where siege weapons are trained and where technologies that improve them are researched. There are two Egyptian siege weapons: Siege Towers become available in the Heroic Age, but to build Catapults, players must advance to the Mythic Age. Sekhmet grants technologies that improve both units.



Myth technologies[]


Age of Mythology[]

  • The Siege Works costs 25 gold.

Tale of the Dragon[]


Around 700 BC, Egyptian siege tactics had been heavily influenced by advancements made in the Middle East. Armies attacking a fortress might be equipped with raised platforms so archers could fire into ramparts, and sappers could be protected by shelters. Covered or simple ladders could be used to scale walls. By 400 BC, the catapult was in use, and all Mediterranean powers incorporated them into their armies.

"Then they fought against Tetehen, great in might. They found it filled with soldiers, with every valiant man of the Northland. Then the battering-ram was employed against it, its wall was overthrown, and a great slaughter was made among them of unknown number; also the son of the chief of Me, Tefnakhte." -- the Piankhi stela
—In-game help section


  • In pre-release versions of the game, and according to the game-files the Siege Works was known as the Siege Camp.
  • Much like the Stable, and Archery Range the Siege Works was available to all civilizations, where a basic Siege Tower unit could be trained, along with a Ballista, and a Catapult.


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