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The Shrine is an unconstructable building in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. They appear in some campaigns and are available in the Scenario Editor (under the Building tab).

In spite of using the same icon and sound when selecting it as a Monastery, it doesn't have any functionality, making it very similar to the Pagan Shrine. Compared to the former, the latter has -1/-1 armor, +10 garrison capacity and a natural healing rate of 1.5 HP per second, which is even stronger than a Castle with Herbal Medicine (1.2 HP per second). However, it cannot garrison any unit normally, so the only difference is -1/-1 armor.

It is actually an ovoo, a stone cairn used in Mongolian regions as a road sign or boundary marker, later becoming a shrine of animism.

Campaign appearances[]

Genghis Khan[]


  • Echoes of Heroes: There is a Shrine inside of the Tatar camp, in the southeast.
  • Where the One-Eyed Man is King: There is a shrine inside of Nogai-Khan's main camp. There are also Shrines in the upper center of the map and in the southeast close to the coastline. These turn to the player's control when approached, along with the Mongol allies protecting them.

Kotyan Khan[]

  • Raising the Banners: There is a Cuman Shrine in the center of the map, in the wild. A second Shrine is present in the easternmost Cuman camp.
  • The Battle at the Kalka River: A Cuman Shrine is located in the same location in the center of the map as previous scenario, but now as part of the northern Cuman camp.
  • Saving the Huts: A Shrine is present inside the northwest Cuman village. It's granted to the player along with the rest of the village.

Historical Battles[]

  • Honfoglalás: There is a Shrine next to a Town Center inside a northern Avar village.
  • Bukhara: The White Huns control two Shrines. One to the southeast of their northern base and one inside of the eastern base of the Hun Raiders.

The Hautevilles[]

Algirdas and Kestutis[]

  • No Man's Land: If the Tatar refugees are allowed to settle in Lithuania, they will also build a Shrine within their settlement.


  • Renunciation: A Shrine is located in the northern Hunas base, with the base's Khan standing at its entrance.


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