Shortcuts are a quick way to select or build buildings and to train units in Age of Empires II. If used properly, they can save the player valuable seconds of game time, especially at the start of a game. There are no shortcuts for researching unit upgrades and technologies.

Buildings Edit

To build one of the following buildings, select a Villager, then press B or V and then one of the following shortcuts:

To select one of the buildings above, use the shortcut, but press Ctrl at the same time, e.g. to go to a Castle, press Ctrl+V. To select a Town Center, just press H (without the Crtl-button). To view (put in the middle of the screen) a selected building or unit that the player has currently selected, hit Space.

Even though the Palisade Gate is assigned to the X, it cannot be selected or built using the shortcut, because the X is reserved to switch between civilian and military buildings in the building menu. So in essence, that shortcut is broken.

The Feitoria can only be built with the combination B + B, and not V + B, because the B shortcut is shared with the Barracks.

Units Edit

To create a unit, select the building and then hit the shortcut.

Town Center Edit

Dock Edit

Barracks Edit

Archery Range Edit

Since the Slinger and the Hand Cannoneer share the same shortcut, it is impossible for the Incas to get Hand Cannoneers, not even with the Full Tech Tree option.

Stable Edit

Market Edit

Monastery Edit

Siege Workshop Edit

Castle Edit

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