Shore Fish are a special kind of aquatic creatures, featured in Age of Empires and Age of Empires II.

Overview Edit

In the games they are featured, Shore Fish can be found, as their namesake suggests, to shores in maps that feature at least some water; even mostly landlocked maps, such as Cenotes and Ghost Lake can feature them.

They yield 200 food (250 food in the first game) and are only found close to the shore so Villagers can gather food from them. They can also be fished from Fishing Ships, though these gather Shore Fish slower than deep water fish, even with Gillnets researched.

In the Rise of the Rajas expansion, a similar animal was introduced, known as Box Turtles. These appear on Southeast Asian maps with tropical/subtropical setting, such as Water Nomad and Indonesia, but are otherwise identical.

Civilizations and Shore Fish Edit

Age of Empires Edit

  • Palmyrans: Villagers have +25% working speed and have +1 armor but are 50% more expensive.

Age of Empires II Edit

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