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Shore Fish are fish and a food source in Age of Empires and Age of Empires II. Unlike most other fish, Shore Fish can be gathered by Villagers without the need of Fishing Ships as they only appear in direct proximity to shores.

Age of Empires[]

Shore Fish in Age of Empires are found at shores and can be gathered by both Fishing Boats and Villagers. They yield 250 food.

Age of Empires II[]

Shore Fish in Age of Empires II are not only found in bigger bodies of water and ocean shores, but also in small ponds of even landlocked maps like Cenotes and Ghost Lake, meaning they feature on almost any map. As opposed to their appearance in Age of Empires, they only yield 200 food, making them the least valuable fish species there is in the entire Age of Empires series (tied with Perches and Box Turtles). The latter was introduced in Rise of the Rajas and is identical in every aspect to the Shore Fish other than appearance.

Fishing Ships gather Shore Fish at a lower rate than deep water fish (which encompass all fish species other than Shore Fish and Box Turtles), but Villagers fish from them at a comparatively high rate.


They yield 200 food (250 food in the first game) and are only found close to the shore so Villagers can gather food from them. They can also be fished from Fishing Ships, though these gather Shore Fish slower than deep water fish, even with Gillnets researched.


Shore Fish in Age of Empires III

  • In Age of Empires III, Shore Fish are only available in mods. The picture to the right shows Shore Fish in the King's Return mod that technically reintroduces a sort of shore fishing.
  • Originally, worker units in Age of Mythology were able to fish. The feature was dropped, most likely due to issues of how far away fishing spots spawned in random maps, and due to the fish's large obstruction radius.