The Sharkatzor is a cheat unit introduced in Age of Empires II HD: Rise of the Rajas, which remained hidden and unused until the Definitive Edition. It resembles a cat riding a shark equipped with jetpacks, shooting laser beams at enemies (shoots cows before the Definitive Edition). The cheat code to access the unit is "catzor".

The Sharkatzor has a unique hover attribute, which allows it to move over both land and water. This may also allow it to pass through some buildings, units, objects and terrains, making it the only "amphibious" unit, and the only unit that can stack on each other in the game.

Keep in mind that while its laser beam does splash damage, it can also damage friendly units.

Further Statistics[edit | edit source]

All technologies that enhance Siege Workshop units will benefit Sharkatzor.

Hit points Unique-tech-imperial.jpg Furor Celtica (+40%, Celts only)
Attack Siegeengineers.jpg Siege Engineers (+20% attack against buildings)

Unique-tech-imperial.jpg Torsion Engines (increases blast damage radius, Ethiopians only)

Range Siegeengineers.jpg Siege Engineers (+1)
Armor CastleAgeUnique.png Ironclad (+4/+0, Teutons only)
Movement Speed Unique-tech-imperial.jpg Drill (+50%, Mongols only)
Conversion defense Faith.jpg Faith
Heresy.png Heresy

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Sharkatzor is classified as a Siege unit, it can be repaired by villagers, but costs resources (it takes about 28 Wood and 33 Gold to restore its HP from 1 to 600).

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