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Shang dynasty is the name of an ancient Chinese river valley civilization located near the coast of China. The Shang made up one of the earliest dynasties in Chinese history (1600 BC – 1046 BC) and are one of the three playable East Asian civilizations in Age of Empires. The civilization is historically based on the early Shang/Zhou dynasties of ancient China.

Although a strictly economic civilization, they are also effective in defensive strategies and their cheap Villagers make them a fast civilization. They excel in booming and can conduct it faster than other civilizations, and they can combine it with turtling to conduct an efficient and undisturbed boom.

Civilization bonuses Edit

Changelog Edit

Original Edit

The Rise of Rome Edit

  • With patch 1.0c, Villager cost changed to 40

Definitive Edition Edit

  • Walls have +75% HP
  • Coinage is available
  • Heavy Transport is available

AI player names Edit

Names shown in italics are only used in the original game, names shown in bold are used in both the original game and its expansions.

  • Wang Hei - Unknown, possibly Hui Wang, King of Zhou 676-654 BC, although 'wang' means something like 'king'
  • T'ang - First King of the Shang-dynasty 1675-1646 BC
  • Wang Hei II - Did not exist in China
  • T'ang II - Did not exist in China
  • Wang Hei III - Did not exist in China
  • T'ang III - Did not exist in China
  • Wang Hei IV - Did not exist in China
  • Hsuan - Xuan. King of Zhou 841-781 BC. Later 4 emperors were named Xuan (Han, Chen, Northern Zhou and Liang-dynasty)
  • Zhou Xin - Probably Di Xin, the last King of Shang, known as King Zhou by later historians. Reigned c. 1075-1046 BC
  • Jie - Last king of the Xia-dynasty 1728-1675 BC
  • Huang Di - Legendary Emperor 2699-2588 BC, also considered a deity. Also known as the Yellow Emperor
  • Shen Nong - Legendary Emperor 2737-2699 BC, also considered a deity
  • Fu Xi - Legendary Emperor 2852-2737 BC, also considered a deity
  • Yoa - May be misspelled 'Yao', a legendary Emperor 2333-2234 BC, also considered a deity

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