The Sforza campaign in Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten is depicting Francesco Sforza (1401–1466) from his rise of power after the death of his father, Muzio Sforza, until he became the Duke of Milan. He is a must survive unit for all the campaigns. The campaign is present in the Definitive Edition, but has been significantly reworked.

Campaign[edit | edit source]

When the Italian princes were too cowardly to get their hands dirty, they paid mercenaries like Sforza. He sold himself to the highest bidder, but always looked for a new opportunity to get rich. Can a man like Sforza achieve his grand ambitions, or will he himself be betrayed?
—In-game campaign description in Definitive Edition

In The Forgotten, the Sforza campaign consists of five scenarios. The player plays as the Italians, and the player color is blue.

  1. An End and a Beginning
  2. O Fortuna
  3. The Hand of a Daughter
  4. The Ambrosian Republic
  5. A New Duke of Milan

In the Definitive Edition, the campaign portrays similar events and still has five scenarios, but each have different names, maps, and objectives.

  1. Mercenaries and Masters
  2. His Own Man
  3. Prodigal Son
  4. Blood and Betrayal
  5. Viva Sforza!

The story is told by a retired Condottiero who is revealed in the end as Micheletto Attendolo, Sforza's cousin and ally turned enemy in the fourth scenario of the campaign.

Unit[edit | edit source]

Francesco Sforza is a hero with the appearance of a Condottiero in The Forgotten and his own unique skin in the Definitive Edition.

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