"An abandoned or unclaimed village. Build a Town Center on top of a Settlement to claim it."
Ingame description
The Settlement is a gameplay element in Age of Mythology. Unlike in other games of the Age of Empires series, Town Centers cannot be placed anywhere on land, but must be built on abandoned Settlements. This limits the areas in which Workers can be trained, and also negates any effort to rush with Town Centers.

Overview Edit

Each and every random map in Age of Mythology features a variable number of Settlements across the land. Players must scout as much as possible to search for a convenient site to construct a Town Center, that can allow them to project power to distant sites (in essence, to increase their map control), as apart from their defensive value, they are the only buildings that can train Workers.

In the Atlanteans' case, Town Centers are even more important, as they also provide favor.

In the original Age of Mythology, Workers can lay foundations on these abandoned villages from the Heroic Age, and start building a Town Center. From The Titans onwards, Town Centers can be built in the Classical Age, though Atlantean Citizens can build them even earlier, from the Archaic Age.

Trivia Edit

  • Settlements were not required to have been built in order to construct additional Town Centers, however instead Town Centers were built (after the first) in the original third (and last) Olympic Age.
    • Instead a similar system called Fertile Fields existed, which were required to build farms (which were also required to increase population)

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