Servant of Kronos (AKA Kronny in the Scenario Editor) is the main antagonist in The New Atlantis campaign in Age of Mythology: The Titans.

Special Attack[edit | edit source]

Grand Slam: jumps and pounds the ground, causing 20 hack damage and 30 crush damage and knocking nearby enemy units away. Also leaves them vulnerable to attack. Deals ×3 damage to Myth Units. Requires 15 seconds to recharge. The minor earthquakes causes the terrain to shift slightly.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Campaign[edit | edit source]

Whilst his name implies he is a servant of Kronos, the servant is in reality (according to the history file) an extension of Kronos himself, essentially an avatar. The servant is on a mission to trick Kastor and the remaining Atlanteans into freeing his master. At the start of the campaign, he kills Krios and assumes his appearance.

New Atlantis[edit | edit source]

Abandonned by the gods, the Atlanteans suffer in the Tundra, as it is a cold area with little wood, crops don't grow, and Norse savages are making their life difficult, and thus need to move. Krios/Kronny agrees and suggests the Atlanteans seek a Sky Passage, to move.

When they manage to move, Kronny claims that the local Temples once belonging to worshipers of the Titans should be restored, as it was they and not the Olympian gods that favored them. Kastor, son of Arkantos, argrees that they do so, but this shocks a Greek colony, who proceeds to attack. This misunderstanding eventually guides them to attack Sikyos, kill Melagius, and make enemies with their allies from the events of Fall of the Trident, the Norsemen and the Egyptians.

Eventually, the Atlanteans attack Amanra's people and steal her Relics, with Amanra being saved only through Arkantos intervention, who mandates her to save his son, as he's been tricked. Then, they attack the Norse, and after a series of weakening Odin's hold to the land, Kronos provides a Deconstruction Wonder that removes the Tower of Odin. When Kastor returns after these successes to Greece, Krios/Kronny praises his achievements, but then claims that an Underworld Passage to a nearby land might be used for the Greeks to counterattack the Atlanteans.

Kastor decides to go through this passage to investigate, but in the process the expedition ends up to Mount Olympus. Trapped and bewildered, the Atlantean force has no other option but to ascent the mountain and fight to the peak. Eventually, they manage to do so, and destroy a Temple of the Gods devoted to the Olympian pantheon, but this will turn out to be a major mistake.

Titans[edit | edit source]

Once Kastor and the expedition manage to exit Mount Olympus, they suddenly hear a loud roar, and turn to see a Titan, Prometheus, destroying the city of Sikyos. Krios explains to Kastor that by killing the Olympian gods' worshipers and destroying their Temple, their control on the Titans diminished and the Titans will start freeing themselves out of Tartarus. Then, the Servant of Kronos reveals himself, mocks Kastor and flies away, to leave him be attacked by manipulated Atlanteans.

Amanra and Ajax barely save him, and the trio travels to Egypt and Midgard, to stop Cerberus and Ymir from completely destroying everything, with the help of a Guardian and Folstag, respectively. When they return to Sikyos to undo the damage inflicted by Prometheus, and to kill the Titan, they meet a new ally, Gaia. She too was empowered, but she is a benevolent deity, and not a threat. She helps the Heroes weaken Prometheus, in order for him to be killed easily.

Gaia vs Kronos[edit | edit source]

Then, they sail to New Atlantis, where they face enormous numbers of Automata, and rogue Atlanteans, in order to reach a Sky Passage, that leads to nowhere else but Old Atlantis. There, the Servant of Kronos is preparing to see Kronos getting free from the last Hades Gate. The heroes, also assisted by all other cultures' forces, prepare to stave off rogue Atlanteans, so that they plant four Seeds of Gaia, in order to summon the goddess to fight her son. Kronos frees himself, but just in time, his mother beats him and sends him back to Tartarus.

The Servant of Kronos tries to escape, but Kastor grapples him, and impales him with his sword. The Titans have been stopped, and Arkantos grants him with the staff of the Theocrat, and turns Old Atlantis into a lush land.

History[edit | edit source]

Age -- Ageless
Homeland -- Shadowed places everywhere
Occupation -- Obeying the commands of the Titans

This is Kronos's living will. He is little but an extension of the Titan himself, but is significantly less powerful. He has the power to take other forms and uses these forms to deceive mortals. When Kronos is freed he will return to his master and continue to serve.

Flying Unit[edit | edit source]

The Servant of Kronos also has a flying form, which is much weaker, but faster.

Special Ability[edit | edit source]

Heal: Heals allied units at a rate of 0.75/second.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He turns into a Heka Gigantes when attacking and a Caladria when healing. Although he is a shapeshifter, these transformations are likely to be an oversight by developers.
    • He also uses the dying animations of these units.
  • When the land form is added in the Scenario Editor, the "birth" animation consists of Krios getting surrounded by purple energy, and turning into the servant.
  • The nickname Kronny is a portmanteau of Kronos and the term "Crony".
  • The Machae demons from Titan Quest: Immortal Throne (a RPG also developed by Brian Sullivan, one of the original game designers for Age of Empires) heavily resemble the Servant of Kronos.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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