The Servant is a Classical Age myth unit of the minor Atlantean god Oceanus in Age of Mythology: The Titans.

Special Ability Edit

Heals allied units at a range of 12 meters and a rate of 7.5 HP per second when the unit is idle. 

Attack bonuses Edit

  • Myth Units: ×3
  • Heroes: ×0.5

Upgrades Edit

Strategy Edit

The Servant has a weak attack, but decent armor, and has the ability to heal other units. It heals naval units faster than it heals land units. Since they are healers they should not be used in combat. They do little damage and will go down quickly.

Their ability to heal ships is critical in maintaining a navy as it allows ships to be healed out at sea instead of returning to shore to be healed by a land healer such as a Priest.

Changelog Edit

The Titans Edit

  • The Servant costs 15 favor.

Tale of the Dragon Edit

Mythology Edit

Scientific Name -- None(artificial construct)
Size -- Human-sized
Diet -- Doesn't eat

Servants of Oceanus are aquatic healers. They heal nearby units, even those on shore. They can fight, though no very well are very weak against heroes.

A creature of water and will, the Servant of Oceanus was the embodiment of the nurturing aspects of the ocean. Servants of Oceanus appeared as human torsos atop a column of water. They were summoned by the Theocrats of Atlantis in times of sickness and war to aid the Atlantean people.

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