The Serpent is a myth unit in Age of Mythology. They can be summoned by invoking Anubis' Plague of Serpents god power on land, its naval counterpart is the Sea Snake. They also appear on the random maps Erebus and River Styx as hostile neutral animals.

Strategy Edit

Serpents can be used as emergency defense or to boost an early raid. However, they are weak and only deal average damage. They will be killed quickly by a determined attack, so should be used to support combat units already in the area. The Serpents are virtually incapable of disrupting an economy as they deal little damage to worker units. The latter on the other hand deal bonus damage against Serpents, so they can easily kill them and return to gathering resources. Heroes and standard myth units, especially those with hack attacks, should also be avoided due to the Serpents' poor hack armor, despite being triple that of the Sea Snake.

Trivia Edit

  • They look like Indian cobras which isn't a species native to Egypt.

History Edit

"Scientific name -- Naja spp.
Size -- 8' (Egyptian cobra); up to 18' (king cobra)
Diet -- rodents (king cobras eat other snakes)

There are 16 species in the cobra family, Elapidae. The king cobra is not a true cobra, but placed in its own genus. It is the largest venomous snake in the world and one of the largest reptiles (few crocodiles attain 18 feet in length). When they are disturbed and raise their front body off the ground, cobras can stand a full 6 feet tall.

Cobras have good eyesight but no ears. They sense vibrations through bones in their jaw and have an excellent sense of "smell" through their forked tongue. Cobra venom is a potent neurotoxin that destroys nerve tissue. The Egyptian cobra's venom is particularly strong, even for cobras.

Cobras were important in Egyptian mythology and art. The goddess Wadjet took the form of a cobra, and a cobra appears on the crown of the pharaoh. In Greek mythology, serpents arose from blood spilled from Medusa's head as Perseus passed through Africa.
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