"Medium herbivore."
In-game description

The Serow is a huntable animal in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties. It is a tropical animal, appearing in the maps Ceylon, Indochina, Borneo, Silk Road, Yellow River, and Honshu. It has 20 hit points, and holds 400 food.

History Edit

"Scientific Name: Capricornis crispus
Approx. Size: 25-35 in. to shoulder, 65-100 lb.
Diet: Bamboo, cypress, leaves, acorns, assorted mountain vegetation

The Japanese serow, or “Nihon kamoshika,” is a small bovid that lives in the hillside forests and mountain ranges of Japan and Taiwan. There are four color variations: black, black with a dorsal white spot, dark brown, and slightly off-white. Both sexes of serow feature short, slightly curved horns. The serow is a solitary animal, usually living alone, in couples, or in small family clusters that restrict their range to relatively small areas. A serow claims its territory using a black pre-orbital gland that is clearly visible below its eye. The gland secretes a vinegar-like substance that marks the ground in question. As a result of heavy snowfall in the winters, the serow alters its feeding habits, decreasing consumption during the cold winter months. This occurs even in captivity.

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