"Powerful Indian heavy infantry that has a slight bonus versus cavalry at range and a large bonus versus cavalry at melee."
In-game description, despite the fact that Sepoys have no ranged multipliers

The Sepoy is a heavy infantry in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties that is unique to the Indians and can be trained at Barracks and Galleon, as well as the Agra Fort wonder. It is the Indian equivalent of a Musketeer that is especially effective against cavalry.

Overview Edit

The Sepoy provides a more expensive but also more powerful replacement to the regular Musketeer for the Indians, with more hit points and attack. The Sepoy is good against melee cavalry due to its melee multipliers, good against melee infantry due to its powerful ranged attack, and good against ranged cavalry due to its powerful ranged attack and melee multipliers (if it can get close enough). In total, Sepoys are powerful units that can be the backbone of an army. One useful feature of Sepoy is that they have 190 base hit points, meaning that Town Center fire, which maxes out at 90 damage (unless Colonial Militia is sent), takes 3 shots to kill a Sepoy, while standard Musketeers take 2. Because of this, Sepoy are very strong in rushes.

Compared to the common Musketeer, the Sepoy costs more and is stronger, it costs more food but less gold when compared with Ashigaru Musketeer and is also stronger, and more gold but less food when compared to the Janissary and have less hit points but more attack. Sepoys can defeat each one of them (though it depends upon who attacks first in the case of Janissary).

Sepoys are powerful and are the backbone units of the Indians. Using the Battlefield Constructions Home City Card, Sepoys can even build military buildings like Barracks, Caravanserai, and Castles.

Upgrades Edit

Age Upgrade Cost Effect
Ages fortress
Disciplined ranged infantry Disciplined Sepoy 200 wood,
100 coin
Upgrades Sepoys to Disciplined (+20% hit points and attack)
Ages industrial
Honored ranged infantry Honored Sepoy 600 wood,
600 coin
Upgrades Sepoys to Honored (+30% hit points and attack); requires Disciplined Sepoy
Ages imperial
Exalted ranged infantry Exalted Sepoy 1,500 wood,
1,500 coin
Upgrades Sepoys to Exalted (+50% hit points and attack); requires Honored Sepoy

Mansabdar Sepoy Edit

"Inspires all nearby Sepoys. Powerful Indian heavy infantry that has a slight bonus against cavalry at range and a large bonus against cavalry at melee."
In-game description

The Mansabdar Sepoy is a stronger version of the Sepoy that can be trained from the Charminar Gate wonder. As a Mansabdar unit, the Mansabdar Sepoy has twice the hit points of a Sepoy and Imperial Service that increases the hit points and attack of nearby Sepoys, but are two times more expensive.

Special ability Edit

Imperial service Imperial Service (passive): The Mansabdar Sepoy increases the hit points and attack of Sepoys in a radius of 24 around him by 10%.

Further statistics Edit

As (Mansabdar) Sepoys are unique to the Indians, only technologies that they have access to are shown in the following table:

Unit strengths and weaknesses
Strong vs. Cavalry, light infantry, heavy infantry
Weak vs. Skirmishers, archers, artillery
Hit points Cree Tanning Cree Tanning (+5%)
Navajo Weaving Navajo Weaving (+5%)
Attack Yoga Yoga (+5%)
Smokeless Powder Smokeless Powder (+30% siege attack)
Clenched Fist Clenched Fist (+30% melee attack)
Speed Inca Road-building Incan Road-building (+20%)
Apache Endurance Apache Endurance (+5%)
Creation speed Inca Chaquis Messengers Incan Chasquis Messengers (-25%)
Train cost Mapuche Ad-mapu Mapuche Ad-mapu (-10% coin cost)
Other Merritocracy Meritocracy (-20% upgrade cost)

Home City Cards Edit

As (Mansabdar) Sepoys are unique to the Indians, only their cards and other civilizations' TEAM cards are shown in the following tables:

History Edit

"By definition, the “sepoy” is an indigenous soldier serving in the armed forces of a European power. The most commonly known example is a native Indian fighting for the British occupational forces in India, starting in the sixteenth century. The rank of sepoy is the lowest enlisted rank in the British India army, similar to that of a private.

Sepoy soldiers were the driving force behind the 1857 uprising associated with the British East India Company, the commercial trade empire that had occupied and exploited the territories of India since as early as 1610. The mutiny erupted when a group of sepoys refused to use their new Lee-Enfield rifles. Loading the rifles required the soldiers to bite off the ends of greased cartridges, and rumors that the cartridges were greased with the fat of cows and pigs had circulated through the ranks. This outraged both Hindus, who regard cows as sacred, and Muslims, who regard pigs as unclean. After years of British mistreatment and disrespect, the sepoys found they had endured enough.

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