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This article is about the building in Age of Mythology. For the similar building in Age of Empires, see Sentry Tower (Age of Empires).

The Sentry Tower is a tower in Age of Mythology that can be built starting in the Archaic Age. It plays a similar role to the other towers featured in the series. However, just like the Outpost in the Age of Empires II, these towers do not attack enemy units within range. They are used as lookouts, but can be upgraded to the Watch Tower in the Classical Age. For the Egyptians, the upgrade is automatic on entering the Classical Age.

In standard matches, the player starts with four Sentry Towers around their Town Center even in the Archaic Age, even though further ones can be constructed Classical Age onwards only.


Sentry Towers can be upgraded to Watch Towers in the Classical Age. The upgrade costs 200 wood, 100 gold and takes 20 seconds to research for all civilizations except for the Egyptians who get the upgrade for free as soon as they advance to the Classical Age. The upgrade provides the towers with an attack. Researching Watch Tower also enables the technologies Boiling Oil and Crenellations.

Civilization bonuses[]

God bonuses[]

  • HadesPortrait Hades: Towers have +25% hit points.
  • FuXiPortrait Fu Xi: Towers cost -20% wood.
  • GaiaPortrait Gaia: Enables towers to grow lush and regenerate 3 HP/s.

General technologies[]

Myth technologies[]

In-game description[]

Towers start out as Sentry Towers. They have a significant line of sight, but cannot fire upon enemies. With the Watch Tower improvement, Towers gain the ability to fire arrows. (Egyptians receive this improvement automatically.) The Guard Tower improvement further increases the range and strength of Tower attacks. The final Tower improvement, Ballista Towers, is available only to the Egyptians.

Tower ranged attacks cannot attack units directly beneath them. Research Boiling Oil to attack units beneath Towers, Fortresses, Hill Forts and Migdol Strongholds. Ranged attacks have difficulty hitting fast-moving targets, such as cavalry. Research Crenellations to improve the chance to hit such units.
—In-game help section


  • Originally, the Sentry Tower and Watch Tower were two separate buildings, both being able to be built by all civilizations, and functioned identically to the Outpost from Age of Empires II, albeit with the ability to research building Line of Sight technologies.
    • The shared Sentry Tower was merged with the Watch Tower-line, whilst the dedicated scout tower became the Obelisk.


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