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Sentinel is a Greek god power in Age of Mythology that is available to worshipers of Hades since the Archaic Age. When invoked on the player's or an ally's Town Center, it creates up to five Sentinels (owned by the player invoking the god power) around that Town Center.


Sentinels are stone archers that will fire at any enemies within their considerable range. Although immobile, made of stone, and having armor stats comparable to buildings, Sentinels benefit from archer upgrades as they are considered archer units, just not human ones. They also cannot be repaired like a building; rather, they can be healed like units.

God bonuses and upgrades[]


Hades increases attack by 10%.


While the upgrades list of a Sentinel will also show The Bow of Artemis, it does not have any actual effect on the unit's procurement.


Sentinel spawnanim aom

One of the Sentinels being spawned around a Town Center.

Sentinels have decent attacking and defensive attributes. This god power is best used early in the game, as the statues can quickly kill enemy scouts and support units when defending a town. They are less useful from the Heroic Age as they are easily destroyed by siege weapons. Sentinel can also be used to combat a rush. Placing Sentinels early in the game then building other defensive structures such as towers and walls to protect the Town Center is useful for a turtling strategy. Sentinels are also useful to defend a recently built outlying Town Center. If there is an object blocking the place where the Sentinel would be created, the Sentinel will be created at the closest available space next to the object, if possible, otherwise, no Sentinel will be created, this is why it is important to keep the area around a Town Center clear or to invoke the god power before constructing other buildings nearby.

Sentinels also provide a slight benefit in map visibility early on, having slightly more Line of Sight than the Town Center while spawning some distance away from it. Researching building Line of Sight technologies negates that benefit however, as Sentinels are not affected by them.


Aom original icon Age of Mythology[]

  • The god power summons four Sentinels.

AoM Extended icon Tale of the Dragon[]

  • The god power summons five Sentinels.


Hades jealously guards his subterranean realm. His dark kingdom is surrounded by dangerous rivers and guarded by fearsome creatures. These sentinels, most often seen around settlements favored by the dark god, defend his interests above ground as fiercely as he defends his interests below ground.
—In-game help section


  • Before Tale of the Dragon, Sentinel could only be invoked twice per Town Center, resulting in a maximum of eight Sentinels per Town Center.


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