This article is about the goddess in Age of Mythology. For the goddess in Age of Empires: Mythologies, see Sekhmet (Age of Empires: Mythologies).
"You have advanced to the Heroic Age through the Violence of Sekhmet.'"
Age up text in Age of Mythology

Sekhmet is an Egyptian Heroic Age minor god in Age of Mythology. She is available to worshipers of Set and Ra.

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Myth UnitEdit

  • ScarabIcon Scarab: A living siege weapon that does area of effect damage when it dies.

Strategy Edit

Sekhmet's bonuses are all military and concentrate on the attack of enemy buildings. As well as improving both Egyptian siege weapons and the Egyptian siege ship, Sekhmet's myth unit is the mighty Scarab, one of the best building-wreckers in the game. The extra range she grants to Chariot Archers allows them to out-range most other units and buildings, making them even more powerful. Once Burning Pitch has been researched, they can also do a fair amount of damage to buildings with impunity. Sekhmet also improves Slingers' attack against infantry, though Chariot Archers are still better against them. Her god power, Citadel, can be used to help defend a neutral area, but is most significant for the population bonus it grants.


The lion-headed wife of Ptah was a goddess of war and the heat of the desert. Her name means “powerful.” She rose to prominence during the second millennium BC, when Egypt engaged in many wars extending its domain and was a leading power in the world. The Egyptians of the era readily worshipped a goddess who was a fierce hunter. Together with Bast, the cat goddess, Sekhmet destroyed Apep, the underworld serpent that attempted to swallow Ra. In one myth, she is sent to wage war on those who thought Ra was getting feeble. She was so effective in spreading ruin that Ra had to trick her into drinking a lake of what appeared to be blood, but was actually beer dyed with pomegranate juice. Sekhmet became intoxicated and humanity was saved.

Trivia Edit


Old portrait of Sekhmet

  • Originally, Sekhmet used a different portrait.
    • Sekhmet originally had a technology called "Red Tide" which was most likely replaced by Stones of Red Linen.
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