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Season One Update is a patch in Age of Empires IV, released on April 7, 2022.


In-House mods[]

  • Royal Rumble
    • TYPE: Game Mode
    • DESCRIPTION: Be the last king standing! Achieve victory by eliminating all enemy Kings while defending your own. Based on the classic Age of Empires II game mode "Regicide."
  • Tombolos
    • TYPE: Crafted Map
    • DESCRIPTION: Welcome to paradise. This map features multiple tranquil islands connected by narrow sand tombolos. Supports up to 2 players.
  • Britain & Ireland
    • TYPE: Generated Map
    • DESCRIPTION: Fight for regency over the British Isles! This map features a landmass that resembles Britain, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.
  • Indian Subcontinent
    • TYPE: Generated Map
    • DESCRIPTION: Battle over South Asia! This map features a landmass that resembles the Indian subcontinent.
  • The Gulch
    • TYPE: Generated Map
    • DESCRIPTION: "You ever wonder why we are here?" This map features a box canyon surrounded by walls on all sides. Supports up to 4 players.
  • Thick Woods
    • TYPE: Tuning Pack
    • DESCRIPTION: That's… a lot of wood. Doubles the amount of Wood available in trees.
  • Double Villagers
    • TYPE: Tuning Pack
    • DESCRIPTION: The peasants are revolt… I mean, multiplying! Train two Villagers at the same time for the cost of one.
  • Dire Wolves
    • TYPE: Tuning Pack
    • DESCRIPTION: The wolves are hungry and out for blood! All Wolves have increased damage, hit points, and size.

Mod bug fixes[]

  • The scar console can now be used to debug UGC when launching with "-dev"
  • Fix for incorrect message being displayed regarding amount of mod ratings
  • Fixed an issue causing front end music to play while paused if the player used a custom map
  • Privacy settings have been updated for Mods:
    • Under Steam, users can set their privacy settings for viewing/using user generated content in game under their Online settings
    • Under Xbox, users can set their privacysettings for viewing/using user generated content under their privacy settings
  • Fixed an issue from the PUP build where custom games that require mods sometimes do not show up as modded in the custom game browser


All civilizations[]

Core units[]

  • Field construction build time of Springald increased from 30 to 80 seconds
  • Field construction build time of Mangonel increased from 40 to 80 seconds
  • Field construction build time of Traction Trebuchet increased from 35 to 80 seconds. Field constructed Traction Trebuchets now have the correct tooltip.
  • Scout hunting bow reload time reduced from 2 to 1 second. Melee weapon cool down reduced from 4 to 2 seconds. Scout melee weapon damage reduced from 4 to 2


  • Villager hunted meat carry capacity increased from 10 to 25
  • Survival Techniques hunted meat carry capacity bonus removed. Hunted meat harvest rate increased from 10% to 15%. Research time reduced from 75 to 45 seconds


  • Improved the responsiveness of small and medium ships
  • Arrow ships can no longer fire while moving
  • Extended Lines research time reduced from 75 to 45 seconds 
  • Drift Nets research time reduced 75 to 45 seconds 
  • Galley Population reduced from 4 to 3 
  • Junk Population reduced from 4 to 2 
  • Galleass Population reduced from 6 to 5 
  • Attack Ship ranged armor reduced by 1, except for the French Hulk
  • Baghlah springald weapon damage increased from 50 to 70. Baghlah attack speed reduced from 3.25 to 3.75 seconds
  • Warship formation spacing reduced from 4.5 to 3 tiles
  • Baochuan weapon range reduced from 9 to 8 tiles
  • Naval Navigator no longer gives +1 weapon range, increased sight range improvement from 1 to 4 tiles
  • Updated the selection area for all fishing deposits to match the visual. This also resolves issues where deep fish became harder to select as the resource was depleted
  • Galley, Dhow and Junk help text updated to specifically indicate they benefit from ranged damage Blacksmith technology
  • Rams can no longer target naval units

Core buildings and upgrades[]

  • Buildings under construction receive 50% more damage
  • Keep build time increased from 120 to 140 seconds
  • Stone Wall Tower build time increased from 60 to 90 seconds. Cost increased from 200 to 300 stone
  • Boiling Oil cost increased from 250 Gold, 100 Stone to 500 Gold, 200 Stone. Research time increased from 60 to 90 seconds
  • Greased Axles movement speed bonus reduced from 20% to 15% 
  • Geometry moved from the University to the Siege Workshop. Resource cost reduced from 300 Wood, 700 Gold to 100 Wood, 225 Gold. Research time reduced from 90 to 45 seconds
  • Siege Works moved from the Siege Workshop to the University, removed completely from the Chinese Astronomical Clocktower. Resource cost increased from 150 Wood, 350 Gold to 300 Wood, 700 Gold. Siege Works research time increased from 60 to 90 seconds. Siege Works for the Delhi Sultanate research time increased from 900 to 1350 seconds. Mongol Improved version cost increased from 500 Stone to 1000 Stone
  • Tithe Barns now correctly provides 30 stone per minute instead of 15
  • Repair ability now shows the correct requirements when attempting to use it on an enemy player
  • Fixed a bug where some units were leaving a visible "ghost" upon entering Fog of War, as if they were buildings. Units affected by this bug were: Battering Rams, Siege Towers, French Bombards, and the field-constructed versions of Mongol and Abbasid siege units.

Abbasid Dynasty[]

  • Orchard bonus reduced from +250 to +100 food
  • Camel Archer move speed increased from 6.5 to 6.75. Bonus damage vs. Spearman reduced from 3x to 2x. Camel Archer II damage increased from 10 to 12. Camel Archer III damage increased from 12 to 14. Camel Archer IV damage increased from 14 to 15.
  • Camel Rider III damage increased from 9 to 14. Camel Rider III bonus damage vs. Cavalry reduced from 18 to 14. Camel Rider IV damage increased from 10 to 16. Camel Rider IV bonus damage vs. Cavalry reduced from 20 to 16
  • Camel Barding now only affects Camel Riders, no longer affects the Camel Archer. Camel Barding moved from the Blacksmith to the Stables. Camel Barding Cost reduced from 300 Food, 700 Gold to 100 Food, 225 Gold. Camel Barding research time reduced from 90 to 45 seconds
  • Faith can no longer be used to convert Naval units
  • The Abbasid Golden Age production speed bonus now properly applies to all production buildings, and not only military production buildings
  • Composite Bows tooltip now correctly displays 33% attack speed increase instead of 25%
  • Improved Processing now applies to Town Centers
Economy Wing Changes
  • Agriculture cost reduced from 200 Wood, 500 Gold to 75 Wood, 200 Gold. Research time reduced from 90 to 45 seconds
Trade Wing Changes
  • Grand Bazaar moved from the Imperial Age to the Feudal Age . Cost reduced from 300 Food, 700 Gold to 50 Food, 125 Gold. Research time reduced from 90 to 60 seconds 
  • Spice Roads moved from the Feudal Age to the Imperial Age. Cost increased from 100 Wood, 250 Gold to 300 Wood, 700 Gold
Military Wing Changes
  • Boot Camp requirement reduced from Imperial Age to Feudal Age. Cost reduced from 300 Food, 700 Gold to 50 Food, 125 Gold. Research time decreased from 90 to 60 seconds
  • Camel Rider Shields cost reduced from 300 Food, 700 Gold to 250 Gold, 100 Food. Research time reduced from 90 to 60 seconds
  • Camel Support requirement increased from Feudal Age to Imperial Age. Armor bonus increased from 1 to 2. Cost increased from 50 Food, 125 Gold to 300 Food, 700 Gold. Research time increased from 60 to 90 seconds


  • Ancient Techniques cost increased from 150 Wood, 350 Gold to 200 Wood, 500 Gold. Ancient Techniques research time increased from 60 to 90 seconds
  • Barbican of the Sun sight range increased to match the Outpost
  • Imperial Spies ability from the Imperial Palace Landmark now reveals Villagers, Traders, Trade Ships, Fishing Ships and Officials
  • Fixed a bug where officials gathered taxes too often.
  • Fixed a bug where Elite Fire Lancer torch damage wasn't increasing when upgraded to Elite
  • Fixed a bug where Pagodas could generate more resources than intended
  • Dynasty units and buildings are no longer gated when advancing to the next dynasty. Once unlocked players can always build them
  • Yuan Dynasty movement speed bonus no longer applies to Siege
  • Village requirement reduced from Song Dynasty to Tang Dynasty
  • Village cost increased from 100 Wood to 125 Wood. Hit points increased from 1000 to 1500
  • Granary requirement reduced from Yuan Dynasty to Song Dynasty. Harvest bonus reduced from 15% to 10%. Hit points increased from 1000 to 1500
  • Pagoda requirement reduced from Ming Dynasty to Yuan Dynasty. Pagoda Relic resource bonus reduced from 100 Gold, Food, Wood and Stone to 100 Gold, 50 Food, 50 Wood, 50 Stone per minute
  • Chinese Official: Supervise production and research speed reduced from 200% to 150%. Official cost changed from 150 Food to 100 Food, 50 Gold

Delhi Sultanate[]

  • Delhi Sanctity Gold bonus reduced from +100% to +50%
  • Delhi Starting Wood reduced from 250 to 200
  • Herbal Medicine moved to the Castle Age
  • Orchard bonus reduced from +250 to +100 food
  • "Tower War Elephant" has been renamed to "Tower Elephant" so the name is more distinct from their cousins the "War Elephant".
  • Fixed a bug where the Armored Beasts tooltip incorrectly stated it applied to Tower War Elephants. It now correctly states it only applies to War Elephants
  • Slow-Burning Defenses is now correctly positioned in the Imperial Age column in the Delhi Sultanate tech tree
  • Tower of victory attack speed bonus increased 15% to 20%. The buff is now applied in a larger radius. Effect now properly applies its full bonus to all-melee and ranged infantry
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes reset the Food income provided by the Hisar Academy after producing a Man-at-Arms or Knight
  • The Compound of the Defender effect is no longer active while the Landmark is destroyed
  • The Delhi Sultanate tech tree now lists Honed Blades under the Castle Age and Slow-Burning Defenses under Imperial Age instead of Castle Age


  • Man-at-Arms train time reduced from 22 to 15 seconds. Vanguard Man-at-Arms armor increased from 2 to 3
  • Abbey of Kings healing rate increased from 4 health/1.5 seconds to 6 health/ 1 second
  • Starting Wood increased from 150 to 200
  • White Tower and Berkshire Palace now have visual weapon emplacements for boiling oil
  • Setup Camp can no longer be triggered while in combat. Corrected requirement text on English Setup Camp ability


  • Red Palace now has visual weapon emplacements for boiling oil
  • Arbaletrier Pavise ability now increases armor by +5 instead of setting armor to 5
  • Fixed a bug with the French Tech tree where traders were displayed in the Dark Age under Chamber of Commerce
  • Military siege engineer UI now matches other civilizations and has the correct icon
  • Royal Knight help text updated to reflect proper duration of bonus after a successful charge attack

Holy Roman Empire[]

  • Regnitz Cathedral Relic capacity reduced from 3 to 2
  • Burgrave Palace now produces infantry 400% faster instead of training units in batches of 5
  • Meinwerk Palace research discount increased from 25% to 30%. Research speed increased by 30%
  • Palace of Swabia Villager production speed and discount reduced from 75% to 66%
  • Inspired Warriors effect duration increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds
  • Marching Drills cost reduced from 100 Food, 250 Gold to 50 Food, 125 Gold. Research time reduced from 90 to 60 seconds. Now affects Prelates
  • Added a Prelate UI indicator for Holy Roman Empire players to be able to more easily locate and keep track of their Prelates
  • Elzbach Palace now has visual weapon emplacements for boiling oil
  • By placing Relics in Docks it is no longer possible to surpass the maximum 25% attack speed bonus
  • The Great Palace of Flensburg Wonder can now properly make use of influence and the Emergency Repair ability
  • Docks can now properly make use of influence and the Emergency Repair ability
  • Keeps no longer grant a springald when a unit is garrisoned, and the Springald Emplacement is not researched
  • Relics placed inside of Docks no longer increase attack speed of all players' ships
  • Fixed a bug where the Holy Roman Empire Galley archer ship was firing an additional arrow


  • Textiles (Improved) has been added to the Town Center, available in the Castle Age, increases the health of Villagers by +50
  • The Mongol Landmark Town Center can now be packed while at maximum population
  • Improved Biology now only provides +10% health instead of +15% for a total of +30% instead of +35%
  • Fixed a bug where Mongol Improved Tithe Barns did not list the correct resource income
  • Fixed a bug where Mongol Tithe Barns research time was 80s instead of the intended 60s. It also gives the proper +30 Food, Wood, and Stone instead of +20
  • Khaganate Palace now produces Mangudai in 90 seconds instead of 77 seconds
  • Stone Commerce help text updated to specify trade bonus
  • The Khan Defense Arrow tool tip no longer incorrectly stats it gives +3 armor. Text has been fixed to state the bonus it actually provides: +2 armor
  • The unpack ability of Mongol structures now searches for the closest valid placement location near the cursor (the same way that regular building placement does)
  • The upgraded Yam aura movement speed bonus no longer applies to siege weapons


  • Warrior Monk weapon range increased from 1.15 to 3. Charge weapon range increased from 2.15 to 3 
  • Horse Archer Precision technology weapon range bonus reduced from 2 to 1, research time reduced from 90 to 60 seconds 
  • Streltsy Double Time ability no longer quickens their Static Deployment ability
  • Banded Arms bonus range decreased from +1.5 to +0.5
  • Golden Gate trade buttons have been relocated to match Markets. Golden Gate no longer shares double click selection with Markets
  • Lodya ships now have the correct upgrades applied after conversion
  • Fixed a bug where Lodya Attack Ships built after research Armored Hull were getting additional hit points
  • Fixed a bug where it was cheaper to upgrade into Lodya Trade Ships instead of producing them from the dock
  • Fixed a bug where players could place down RUS palisade Walls and still get the Wonderstruck achievement
  • Lodya Fishing Ship: Population cost increased from 1 to 2. Cost increased from 75 to 150 Wood. Train time increased from 25 to 38 seconds. Hit points increased from 125 to 250. Deep Water Fish gather rate increased from 1.0 to 1.9. Shoreline Fish gather rate increased from 0.66 to 1.19. Fixed an FX marker attachment issue that was causing the fires to not be in the correct locations of the pyres and torches, for the Lodya Demolition Ship


General changes[]

  • 1v1 (Micro) map size resource balancing has received a pass, with the goal of improving the distribution of resources between players.
    • On open maps, like Lipany and Dry Arabia, this has meant objects like Relics, gold deposits and stone deposits are now spawning in a tighter band for each player, to cut down on cases where one resource node would spawn considerably further away for one player than for the other.
    • On divided maps, like Mountain Pass and Mongolian Heights, additional custom tuning for several maps to help ensure that the dividing geography does not separate one player from their allotment of resource deposits. In cases like Mountain Pass, if one player spawns closer to the opening, the "midpoint" between players would be on one side of the mountain range, and the contested resources would be placed there. This set of tuning has been about finding new constraints for this banding on maps with dividing geography. Danube River, Boulder Bay, Confluence, Mountain Pass, Mongolian Heights and Nagari all received custom tuning in this regard.
  • Relics will now spawn in a more balanced configuration – one accessible Relic per player, 3 centrally contested Relics. This updated balance logic has been applied globally to all map sizes, and tuned specifically for several maps on the Micro (1v1) size. Relics have been tuned to spawn further away from each other.
  • Divided maps have had custom tuning and will spawn 1 accessible Relic and 2 contested Relics per "side" of the map, for a total of 6 Relics. This was done to ensure that maps in which terrain gives natural ownership to one player don't have a built-in imbalance due to the nature of spawning an odd number of contestable objects. The maps that include these Relic changes are Confluence, Mountain Pass, Mongolian Heights and Nagari. Small gold and stone deposits have had their contested spawn range tightened. One contested small gold and stone will now spawn per player (up from only one overall), with less likelihood that it will be too close to a single player.
  • Sacred Sites have had their spawn parameters narrowed to help them spawn evenly across the center of the map on maps where their locations are not being specifically placed by the map script (e.g. on the hill on King of the Hill).

Specific-map changes[]

  • Nagari: Mountain ranges have been shortened slightly to provide a more consistent central lake and mountain configuration. Deep water fish have been removed from the side ponds and concentrated in the central lake. This was to both remove instances of unbalanced amounts of safe fish and ensure that the most valuable fish are located in a contested part of the map. Relic count has been increased to spawn a base 4 Relics plus one per player to better ensure fairness of distribution on maps where geography can divide the map into discrete sections. Resource spawning for 1v1 Micro size matches has had custom tuning done on various resource deposits. Our goal with this pass was to cut down on perceived unbalanced map generations, especially on maps where map geography can divide the map into discrete sections. Resources like gold deposits should now spawn more squarely in each player's "side" of the map, to avoid instances where a central, contested deposit could be placed on the wrong "side" of the central geography.
  • Black Forest: The "forest-y" ness of Black Forest has been reigned in to not spawn unchoppable trees in the middle of the Town Center courtyards. Trade Posts on Micro and Small map sizes have been adjusted to spawn closer to the exact center of the map to help ensure more equal access. Spawn reliability of the second deer herd per player has been improved. Sacred Sites have been re-added to Black Forest.
  • Boulder Bay: Forest distribution updated to include more smaller forests, as opposed to fewer, larger forests. This is to help prevent instances of large forests completely blocking players in on one side of the bay. Fish distribution updated in the bay to be more even. Gold distribution adjusted in 1v1s to be spawned more evenly between players. Fixed a spawn issue where players could spawn on the wrong side of the bay on larger team games
  • Danube River: Large gold deposits have been rebalanced to more reliably spawn evenly between teams. Central crossing changed to be a Stone Bridge to help break up naval dominance. If players seek control of the water, they will now need to build ships on both their half of the river as well as the opponent's half. Fixed an issue where in larger games, teammates could spawn on the wrong side of the river.
  • Mountain Pass: Sacred Sites have been given a buffer of flat terrain to ensure they spawn correctly. Resources in 1v1 Micro size maps have been balanced to more equally spawn resources on each side of the mountain range. Previously, there was an odd number of gold and stone deposits spawning, which could lead to unbalanced resource generation between players. An additional small gold and stone have been added. An indexing error in the map script was fixed that was leading to the mountain range giving one player slightly more area on their side of the map. Now, the total area of the map should be split much more evenly between the sides of the mountains.
  • Confluence: Gold spawns updated to be more fairly distributed for players in 1v1. Adjusted the crossings on this map. Now, a ford will spawn on each arm of the river near the edge of the map, and near the center confluence point, a stone bridge will spawn on each arm of the river. This should help reduce water supremacy and make moving land armies through the map much smoother. Rivers in Confluence have also been straightened out in order to make the center of the map more consistent and predictable. The Sacred Sites will be placed around the confluence of the river, one in each quadrant, near the bridge crossings.
  • Ancient Spires: Removed errant deep water fish that would spawn on Micro (1v1) size matches. Trade post spawns adjusted to ensure that they do not spawn on isolated islands created by lakes at the side of the map. This should help ensure that both trade posts are available for players to trade with.
  • Altai: Fixed rare instances of Sacred Sites not spawning. This was occasionally caused by a random mountain spawning beside the tile that was designated to spawn a Sacred Site, and as Sacred Sites have a mountain buffer around their spawn area, it could leave no room for the site to spawn. Fixed rare cases of players spawning too close to the side mountain ranges and stomping out things like Sacred Sites and Trade Posts
  • Mongolian Heights: Number of Relics increased to 4 base + 1 per player, up from 3 base + 1 per player, in order to distribute them evenly across the river. Number of contested resources all adjusted to be spawning in an even amount, in order to ensure that both sides of the river receive an equal share of resources. Fixed an indexing error in the map script that was resulting in the river giving one side of the map a bit more playable space than the other. The river should now perfectly split the playable sides in half. Space between sheep herds was increased to cut down on the instances of 5+ sheep spawning together. Adjusted the spawning of the cliffs to ensure that each player is given a flat path from their start position to the river. Previously, some players could receive a map generation where the starting area was protected by a long cliff, while the opponent was in a much more open area. This should help even up the geography.
  • Hill and Dale: Tuned down wolf spawns from 2 per Sacred Site to 1 per Sacred Site. Tuned starting forests to not be able to close off a full ramp to the player's plateau. Players will now get one regular forest and one smaller forest on their plateau. Overhauled how the plateaus spawn to provide a more consistent experience. Plateau sizes will now be the same for both players, and team plateau sizes can no longer sometimes be very disproportional. The main plateau entry ramp had its size slightly increased.
  • King of the Hill: Overhaul to ensure that generations are more even and consistent. Overhauled hill generation to ensure fairness between players. Pathways up the hill are now based directly on player spawn locations, with players getting a straight shot access to the top of the hill. Large gold and stone locations are mirrored on the hill to provide equal access to contested resources. Removed all random forests on the map. A dense perimeter forest was added that rings the entire map.

Added maps[]

  • MegaRandom: As the name implies, MegaRandom has the ability to spawn in an enormous number of different configurations. A huge number of random parameters that MegaRandom can choose from when generating, such as whether to spawn lakes and rivers, which types of impasse to use to generate terrain (if any), whether to spawn extra amounts of some resources, whether to incorporate special terrain patterns, and more.
  • Crafted Map "Valley Battle": As an example for what a crafted map may look like when created using the Age of Empires IV Content Editor (Beta), a map called "Valley Battle" was added to the "Crafted" maps tab. This map was created to be a balanced, mostly symmetrical map that has a bit of everything – open fields for large battles, a river with numerous crossings, small lakes to take advantage of fishing, a defensive area near players' start locations, and resources that are exactly balanced across the two halves of the map.

Map bug fixes[]

  • Stealth ocean areas have been updated to have a different colored water tile to help make their area more visible
  • Fixed a bug where min spec trees would pop in game
  • Fixed a visual issue where shadows would appear to be "rippling" on some terrains and shadows settings
  • Fixed scaling of the Fog of War in the Mini-Map to match the rest of the terrain on small maps
  • Fixed a bug where buildings placed in the fog of war would sometimes snap to locations overlapping trees or resource deposits, causing them to not be built once the villager arrives
  • Fixed a visual issue where the building destruction VFX on low Image Quality settings would appear as a grey rectangle due to the cloud texture being loaded at too low of a resolution
  • Fixed issue where the terrain texture would sometimes appear stretched on very wide display aspect ratios
  • Fixed scaling of the Fog of War in the Mini-Map to match the rest of the terrain on small maps
  • Fixed a visual issue where some health bars didn't display if the gameplayer resolution scale was set below 100%


  • Changed the order of the campaigns. The new order is as follows: The Normans, The Rise of Moscow, The Hundred Years War, The Mongol Empire
  • Fixed a bug causing Age I Mangudai units to have no speech in "The Battle of Zhongdu" campaign scenario
  • In the scenario Dover, enemy units now spawn at the map edge, instead of the fork in the road
  • In the scenario "The Battle of Mohi", added a new objective for repairing the broken bridge, to avoid confusion about how to reach the western rally position
  • The tooltip for the Stone Wall Tower in campaign now indicates that an upgrade is required to get the springald weapon
  • Fixed a bug in the scenario "Battle of Zhongdu", where the scenario couldn't be completed if the player destroyed an enemy market before completing the first objective
  • The scenario "Battle of Pontvallain" has been made easier by decreasing the number of units in the raiding groups
  • The scenario "Combat of the Thirty" has been made easier on Hard difficulty by decreasing the quality of enemy units during the final fight
  • The scenario "Siege of Wallingford" has been made easier on Intermediate and Hard difficulties by decreasing the number of units in each attack wave
  • The scenario "Battle of Formigny" has been made easier on Hard difficulty by decreasing the size of the English army
  • The scenario "Siege of Paris" has been made shorter by decreasing the number of enemy attack waves from 10 to 8
  • In the scenario "North to York", the player now receives more villagers from each settlement captured
  • Fixed a bug where units would be facing the wrong direction after the player skips the intro scene in various Campaign scenarios
  • Fixed a bug where the Mongols' Improved Raid Bounty tooltip stated an incorrect raid income amount

General fixes[]

Controls, UI and Quality of Life[]

  • There is a new toggle in the settings to activate Control Group Exclusivity. When enabled, units being bound to a control group will be unbound from all other control groups
  • Added camera location hotkeys to give players more options to manage the base and units. Ctrl+[F1-F8] to save a location. Shift+[F1-F8] to go to a location
  • Added new "Drag camera" hotkey in the settings
  • Added new hotkey to clear all control groups from selected units
  • Added new hotkeys to select all buildings by type
  • Added new hotkeys to cycle through and select all different buildings
  • New hotkeys to remove selected units from a specific hotkey group
  • Added hotkeys to cancel the last item or all items of the selected production queue
  • Shift and Alt keys have been unlocked and can now be used for all key combos
    • The "Rotate camera" control has been unlocked and can now be rebound to any key combo
    • The control group commands to add the selected units to the control group have been separated and are now standalone hotkeys
    • The "Select all units" and "Select all units on screen" commands are now separate hotkeys
  • Mouse 3 (Middle button) and Mouse 4 and 5 (Side buttons) can now be used when rebinding hotkeys

Bug fixes[]

  • Fixed an issue where the "Quit Game" button in the pause menu did not work after match victory or defeat
  • Fixed a bug where remapped camera panning hotkeys would not be applied until starting a new match
  • Fixed a bug where the "Continue" button does not animate to the top of the screen when a match ends in Skirmish or MP
  • Fixed match freezing for observers if all human players disconnect
  • Fixed an issue where the Pagoda would not show income for all resources it produced
  • Converted Abbasid villagers will correctly have their build menu updated to match their new allegiance
  • Camel Archer bow is no longer invisible after upgrading Incendiary Arrows
  • Fixed a bug where constructing Wings from the House of Wisdom did not contribute to a player's Society Score
  • Pyrotechnics technology no longer appears after researching Reusable Barrels in the Astronomical Clocktower
  • Fixed an issue where the Chinese Dynasty button would not hide when switching to spectate a player not using the Chinese civ
  • Spasskaya tower now has visuals showing off its weapon emplacements for boiling oil, Springald, and cannon
  • Fixed missing geometry for Min Spec Notre Dame wonder
  • Removed an invalid bonus damage type from the HRE Man at Arms two handed axes while charging
  • Fixed a bug with the Rus tech tree where Abbey of Trinity didn't display all of its unique techs
  • Destroyed High Trade House no longer produces Deer until repaired
  • Fixed a bug where Lodya ships could be converted when at 200 population, exceeding the pop cap
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Rus monk units to spam the Saints Blade order confirmation audio while engaged in combat

Other improvements[]

  • Improved the message notification for remapping conflicts in the controls remap panel by making the banner red and having it stay onscreen longer. Users should be able to dismiss it using the added button for the message
  • Updated the Remap Controls settings screen to be organized into categories to give better accessibility for user navigation
  • Selected unit/building stats card now shows the cumulated amount of buffs/debuffs for health, attack and armor
  • Improved presentation of Observer Delay popup
  • Improved contrast ratio in the quick match section when viewing in Strong Contrast mode
  • Improved the message notification for remapping conflicts in the controls remap panel by making the banner red and having it stay onscreen longer. Users should be able to dismiss it using the added button for the message
  • Updated the Remap Controls settings screen to be organized into categories to give better accessibility for user navigation
  • Improved the UI narration when selecting between the VS modes in the Quick Play tab
  • Improved the UI narration when toggling the filters menu in the multiplayer custom tab
  • Improved the UI narration when expanding/collapsing sections within the friends widget
  • Improved the UI Narration on the navigation tabs in the front end
  • UI narration does not say "Back Button" when clicking or using keyboard nav to interact with the back button on the post match screen
  • The Aachen Chapel blueprint aura range indicator has been updated to use the correct gold color
  • Removed keyboard navigation on non-interactive player portraits
  • New toggle in the Online settings to enable/disable ping chat messages
  • Keyboards layouts should no longer be removed from the OS by the game
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Age of Mythology
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