"A mysterious ocean covers half the map with the player fortresses huddled to one side."
Map description
Sea of Worms

Sea of Worms mini map

Sea of Worms is a random map in Age of Mythology. It is based on the north Atlantic Ocean, whose waters were greatly feared by the Norse, as ships that sailed in these waters did not return.

For this reason, the Norsemen believed that sea monsters attacked and sank all ships that sailed through these waters.

Overview Edit

Sea of Worms is a quite odd map, with many unconventional traits. Players begin in a cold wasteland, arranged around a partial circle around an ocean that is always in a corner of the map. This ocean contains moderate amounts of fish, and one or more islands, which are usually barren, but may contain Relics and/or Gold Mines.

Instead of Sentry Towers, players begin with a castle-type building (a Fortress, Migdol Stronghold, Hill Fort, Palace, or Castle), that may complicate early rushing. This quirk is probably present to offset the scarcity of resources in the land.

Wood is surprisingly low for such a land-and-water map, and huntables also tend to be below average in quantity. Battles should be fought as quickly as possible, as there are limited resources, and extremely open, featureless spaces; in fact, this could probably be the most featureless map in Age of Mythology.

Environment Edit

Huntables always include Boars and Chickens. There are no herdables, yet there are some Berry Bushes, usually close to players' positions. The waters have average quantities of fish and include Perches and Salmon.

Predators include exclusively either Brown Bears or Polar Bears, but not both. Also, there might be (or not) herds of Elks.

The land is a cold, featureless wasteland, without grass (save for scattered shrubs), and only a few pine forests, low even for a subarctic map. Surprisingly, this map is probably not set in the winter season, but in the early spring, when snow begins to thaw.

The ocean featured is definitely the North Atlantic, but the land is not certain, as apart from being featureless, the fauna is temperate or subarctic. However, it is possible that the islands present in the ocean represent fjords, thus Sea of Worms is probably set in a coast in Norway.

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