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The Sea Snake is a myth unit in Age of Mythology. They can be summoned by invoking Anubis' Plague of Serpents god power on water. Its land counterpart is the Serpent.


Sea snakes deal slightly more damage and have less hack armor than Serpents. They are excellent against siege ships and average against arrow ships, though both of these can withdraw and attack the sea snakes from a distance. Hammer ships and Azure Dragons will tear into the Sea Snakes' terrible hack armor. Furthermore, as sea snakes are myth units, myth units and Heroes, including The Argo, gain bonus damage against them. In short, Plague of Serpents should only be invoked in water as a last resort to secure victory in a naval battle or to distract enemy ships from attacking friendly Fishing Ships.


  • Before the Extended Edition, Sea Snakes could not attack Fishing Ships, Leviathans, or Nereids.
  • The Sea Snakes use a modified version of the pre-release Hydra's texture.
  • Although their history file identifies them as yellow-bellied sea snakes, they look like moray eels, which are not even snakes.


Scientific name -- Pelamis pelagicus
Size -- 20'+ long
Diet -- dolphins, human sailors

Sea snakes are a subfamily of the Elapidae, the same family that includes cobras. They are highly venomous pelagic snakes, meaning that they spend almost their entire lives in the open ocean. There are no sea snakes in the Atlantic, though many species live in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Normal sea snakes can dive to about twenty feet and are capable of removing oxygen from sea water through their skin for short periods of time. Some species also have salt glands to excrete excess salts that are absorbed through the skin. Sea snakes have laterally compressed tails that act as paddles. While their venom is quite toxic, it is delivered in low doses and is rarely fatal to humans.

Giant, spitting sea snakes summoned by God Powers, of course, are a different matter.
—In-game history section


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