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This article is about the unit in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - The Mountain Royals. For the removed hero, see Savar (hero).

Persian unique cavalry unit. Powerful all-purpose cavalry.
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The Savar is a heavy cavalry unit in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - The Mountain Royals available only to the Persians. The Savar is a unique upgrade of the Cavalier, replacing the Paladin. Like most other heavy cavalry, Savars are strong and agile. They are considered to be one of the strongest and most effective units in the game.


Savar gallop

Savars are some of the strongest and, though not cheap, most effective units, and a large group can easily destroy any ill-prepared town or army. In one-on-one combat, Savars can slay Halberdiers, but lose in cost efficiency by a wide margin, and lose to Heavy Camel Riders in both population efficiency and cost efficiency. Savars are susceptible to enemy Monks because of their high gold cost.

Siege weapons are ineffective against Savars in most situations, but if cautiously used, Onagers can deal a great amount of damage. However, if used against ordinary infantry, archers, siege units, and unsuspecting towns, Savars dominate the field. Still, Savars should always be used with caution, as flaws in the implementation of these units can prove very costly.

Savars are significantly superior to Cavaliers, with +25 hit points, +2 melee attack, and +1/+2 armor. Compared to the Paladin it replaces, the Savar sacrifices 15 hit points in exchange for +1/+1 armor, +2 attack against archers, and a better Rate of Fire (attacking as fast as the Cavalier). Finally, Savars are significantly easier to upgrade, costing only 1,000 food, 600 gold compared to the Paladin's 1,300 food, 750 gold, and the upgrade takes 160 seconds, 10 seconds faster than the Paladin upgrade. Unlike the Paladin, a fully upgraded Savar can kill Arbalesters that lack the Ring Archer Armor upgrade in two hits instead of three (thanks to the attack bonus) and take 83 Arbalester shots instead of 60, making Savars much better at dealing with enemy archer units. However, Genoese Crossbowmen (which have a large attack bonus against cavalry) and Composite Bowmen (whose attack ignores pierce armor) can pose a major threat to the Savar.

Unit comparison[]

With Paladin[]

The Paladin been compared here is the Persian Paladin before The Mountain Royals, which was generic except for the team bonus.

Paladin aoe2DE Paladin AoE2 Savar Savar
Research cost
and time
1,300 food, 750 gold
170 seconds
1,000 food, 600 gold
160 seconds
Hit points 160 145
Armor 2/3 3/4
Rate of fire 1.9 1.8
Other +2 attack vs archers
Durability against melee damage
Durability against pierce damage

The Savar's higher armor makes them more resilient than the Paladin against almost all ranged units and a lot of melee units. Even when equally or less resilient, the additional attack speed and bonus damage vs archers makes the Savar better than the Paladin in most cases. Savars will also win 1v1 against Paladins due to the attack speed difference, though the Frankish, Lithuanian with 3 to 4 Relic-boosted, and Teutonic Paladins still dominate Savars in combat. Paladins only outperform Savars against Heavy Camel Riders, Pikemen/Halberdiers, Elite Kamayuks, and Leitis. The Savar's lower hit points makes it weaker against trample damage from elephants, Logistica, Druzhina, and Lechitic Legacy.

With Sicilian Cavalier[]

Sicilians AoE2 Sicilians' Cavalier aoe2DE Cavalier with Hauberk AoE2 Savar Savar
Research cost
and time
700 food, 600 gold
45 seconds
1,000 food, 600 gold
160 seconds
Hit points 120 145
Attack 12 14
Other Resists anti-cavalry attack bonuses by 33%
Resists conversion with First Crusade
+4 attack vs archers
Lacks Heresy
  • Armor - 6/8 after all technologies and upgrades
  • Rate of Fire - 1.8

Further statistics[]

As Savars are unique to the Persians, only technologies that are available to them are shown in the following table:

Strengths and weaknesses
Strong vs. Infantry, archers, siege weapons, light cavalry
Weak vs. Halberdiers, Heavy Camel Riders, Monks, Elite Battle Elephants, Boyars, Kamayuks, Berserks, Genoese Crossbowmen, Teutonic Knights, Mamelukes, War Elephants
Hit points BloodlinesDE Bloodlines (+20)
Attack Forging aoe2de Forging (+1)
IronCastingDE Iron Casting (+1)
BlastFurnaceDE Blast Furnace (+2)
Armor ScaleBardingArmorDE Scale Barding Armor (+1/+1)
ChainBardingDE Chain Barding Armor (+1/+1)
PlateBardingArmorDE Plate Barding Armor (+1/+2)
Conversion resistance Devotion icon AoE2DE Devotion (+1 min, +1 max)
FaithDE Faith (+4 min, +4 max)
Movement speed HusbandryDE Husbandry (+10%)
Creation speed ConscriptionDE Conscription (+33%)
Team bonuses
Conversion resistance Teutons AoE2 Teutons (+3 min, +1 max)
Line of Sight Franks AoE2 Franks (+2)
Creation speed Huns AoE2 Huns (+20%)

Team bonuses[]


AoE2Icon-MountainRoyals The Mountain Royals[]

  • Originally, Savars had +3 attack vs archers. With update 99311, it was reduced to +2.
  • Originally, Savars get 5 gold for each military unit killed. With update 99311, Savars no longer generate gold when killing military units.


The following heroes in the game have the appearance of a Savar:


  • The Savar is based on the Sasanian Aswaran, which is also the basis of the Byzantine Cataphract. However, the former is archer-resistant, whereas the latter is anti-infantry and resistant to anti-cavalry attacks.
  • Sprite files for the model of the Savar were initially part of the game files during the first release of the Definitive Edition, which were subsequently removed, until being re-added as this unit.
  • The appearance of the Savar is similar to the Cataphract as well as the Centurion, the latter of which is also archer-resistant.



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