"The grasslands of Africa provide plenty of food to hunt, but little water."

Map description.

Savannah is a random map in Age of Mythology. Given the flora and fauna found, it is based on the tropical grassland of Africa.

Overview Edit

Savannah is notable for its open terrain and widely spaced out resources, so mobility is key for survival. Players must dedicate a lot of time to scouting in order to find all the animal herds and gold mines they will need for the duration on the game. Turtling is extremely difficult to perform on this map as there are no cliffs, water is limited to isolated fish-less pools and there are only pocket forests to use as natural walls. With few obstacles however, raiding is highly efficient in Savannah. Worker units will need to travel far from the safety of their town to reach valuable resources, leaving them vulnerable to attack from several directions.

Some major gods including Odin, Poseidon, and Oranos will excel at mobility on this map while Thor, Nü Wa, and Set will be well equipped to cope with the aggressive wildlife found here. Ironically, although this map is based on Africa, Egyptians are not well suited for this map mainly due to their limited scouting abilities.

Environment Edit

This map is one of the most, if not the most plentiful when it comes to food. There are plenty of safe hunting options including Gazelles, Zebras, Crowned Cranes, Baboons, and Giraffes. Additionally, Goats, Chickens, and Berry Bushes are available for the early game. There are also larger, more dangerous animals present, such as Water Buffalos, Elephants, and Rhinoceroses who will attack if provoked and Lions that will attack worker units without warning.

Palm Trees and savannah trees make up most of the forests throughout the map.

Trivia Edit

  • Originally Savanna had Palm Trees instead of Savannah Trees, and used the GrassA, and GrassDirt terrains instead of the Savanna Grass terrains. This can still be seen in the Random Map image, and a Gamestar video dating from Early 2002.

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