The Satyr is an Atlantean Heroic Age myth unit in Age of Mythology. It can only be summoned if Hyperion is worshiped.

God bonuses and upgrades Edit

General Edit

Kronos decreases wood and favor cost by 10%.

Specific Edit

  • Gemino Gemino (Hyperion): Throws twice as many javelins (6) in special attack.

Strategy Edit

The Satyr throws spears and its special attack is that it throws several spears in one throw. Gemino enables them to throw even more spears. Satyrs are generally used as support units, this is because they are not specialized in any way. They are effective at dealing out heavy damage to any opponent. However they are somewhat fragile for a myth unit and will not last long in direct combat. As such they should be used behind the front lines. While the main force engages an opponent Satyrs can attack from a safe distance, dealing damage to enemy units so they will be easier to kill for frontline units. Satyrs are best used as support or defense units because they have a formidable range and a good attack. They can also fire from behind walls, making them a deadly alternate to fallen towers.

Changelog Edit

The Titans Edit

  • The Satyr costs 225 wood and 18 favor and has 12 pierce damage. Its special attack does 22 pierce damage.

Extended Edition Edit

  • With patch 1.9, the Satyr's accurate attack now correctly hits targets with its spread javelins.

Tale of the Dragon Edit

  • With patch 2.7, the Satyr costs 250 wood and 20 favor and has 20 pierce damage. Its special attack does 27 pierce damage.

Trivia Edit

  • The Satyr is among the first myth units to be implemented in the game, as it was originally going to be used in Age of Mythology. However, it was removed in the early stages of development.

Mythology Edit

"Scientific name -- Homo methysmenos
Size -- Human-sized
Diet -- Grapes, cheese, wine, and song

Satyrs are a ranged myth unit with reasonable speed and range. They are strong against infantry and other human units, but are weak against heroes.

Satyrs were just one of the creatures among the entourage of the god Dionysos. Goat-legged and horned they are notoriously fond of revelry in every possible form with a special weakness for Nymphs. Silenus, the oldest Satyr, was the instructor of the god Dionysos. Silenus and other satyrs rode donkeys into battle against the Heka Gigantes, the donkeys were terrified when they saw the enemy, braying loudly. The Heka Gigantes in turn were terrified by the braying donkeys and fled the cacophony. In spite of their shocking victory, satyrs never developed a taste for combat, turning back to drunken song and revelry.
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