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The Salmon is a saltwater and freshwater fish found in Age of Empires, Age of Empires II, Age of Mythology and Age of Empires III.

Age of Empires[]

Salmon first appear as a food source in Age of Empires. They are found in deep waters at practically any map that features water, though occasionally they might be supplemented or even completely replaced by Tunas.

They provide 250 food, as with Tunas and Shore Fish. In ocean maps, they are often found close to Whales.

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Age of Empires II[]

Salmon are a type of gatherable fish found in the game, and one of the most common.

They are featured in a great variety of maps, including ones set in the Atlantic Ocean, such as Norse Lands and Britain. River maps also frequently include Salmon as the main deep water fish, a notable exception being River Nile, where Perches live instead.

They usually coexist with Marlins and other, similar deep water fish, such as Snappers and Tunas.


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Age of Mythology[]

Salmon appear in Age of Mythology, and like other fish in this game, they yield unlimited food.

They are the predominant fish species in Norse maps, such as Midgard and Sea of Worms (where they notably coexist with Perches in these two maps), and Vinlandsaga.

Warmer water maps, such as Team Migration feature Mahi-mahi in their place.

Age of Empires III[]

Salmon appear in Age of Empires III, as with all other fish species, they yield 500 food.

They are the most common species of fish in the game, appearing in six maps (California, Great Lakes, Northwest Territory, Patagonia, Saguenay, and Yucatán). For comparison, the two other most common fish species, the Catfish and the Mola Mola appear in three maps.

Interestingly, in three out of these six maps, they appear as freshwater fish, this being the case in Great Lakes, Northwest Territory and the lake version of Patagonia. Wherever they are featured as saltwater fish however, they coexist with either Humpback Whales or Belugas (this being the case in Patagonia and Saguenay).


Scientific name -- Salmo salar
Size -- 48" long
Diet -- fish, especially herring, smelts and alewives

Atlantic salmon return from the ocean to fresh water to reproduce, nearly always to the same river where they were hatched. As spawning time nears, the male's head changes shape to develop a pronounced hook on the lower jaw. While Pacific salmon die after reproducing, Atlantic salmon can spawn more than once.

Larval salmon stay in fresh water for the first 2-3 years of life before moving offshore. They are able to withstand cold temperatures in fresh or salt water. Adult salmon are eaten by seals, sharks, whales and humans.


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  • The Salmon is one among six species of fish to appear in both saline and fresh waters, the others being the Carp, Catfish, Perch, Mahi-mahi and Shore Fish.
    • Among these, Salmon are appearing the most frequently, as Shore Fish aren't featured in the 3D games, whereas Salmon appear in the majority of freshwater maps, with various examples such as Highland (in the Age of Empires II and the Age of Mythology versions) and Northwest Territory.
  • Salmons are the only fish to appear in every game of the Age of Empires series.