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Sahin "The Falcon" is an antagonist turned tritagonist who appears in the Age of Empires III Act I: Blood campaign.


Sahin, known as the Falcon, is a high-ranking officer in the Ottoman army. Extremely intelligent and cultured, he is a wily adversary. An expert in the art of war, he inspires unmatched loyalty in his men. While he has sometimes underestimated the Knights of St. John in the past, he has won many battles for the Ottoman Empire. Sahin hopes to add the island of Malta to his long list of conquests, but he may have other motives there as well.

Sahin is an Ottoman leader who attacks Malta in order to gain access to the stone library hidden in one of the caves on the island. He is defeated by Alain Magnan and Morgan Black who soon discover the library for themselves, a remnant of the Circle of Ossus which sets the story in motion. Morgan chases Sahin to the New World, where the Knights of St. John soundly defeat Sahin and drive his men into the jungle. They were then captured by the Spanish, and most of them were executed. Despite Sahin's claims that he had no quarrel with the Spanish, Delgado gave orders for Sahin to be killed when they returned to Spain. When the Spanish are defeated, Sahin was left to die and is later captured by Morgan. Sahin warned him that if he died, no one could stop the Circle. Sahin explained that Alain is the real enemy and he was only trying to stop the Circle. Despite Alain's orders, Morgan spared Sahin's life and goes to the fountain to see the truth. Sahin later allies with Morgan and provides gunpowder for their Fire Ships. After the battle he realizes the New World would be conquered by the Europeans and he sails back to Ottoman Empire.

In Act III of the original campaign, it is revealed the Black Family owned a railroad called Falcon Company. This may be named after Sahin.


In-game unit[]

Famous Ottoman leader known as "the Falcon."
—In-game description

In-game, Sahin carries a rifle and a sword, and can use a Swashbuckler Attack which does slightly more damage than the one used by British Explorers.

Like other heroes, Sahin has many hit points, but if he falls, he will collapse instead of dying and needs to regenerate enough hit points to be rescued by allies. He can collect treasures, but unlike Explorers, cannot build Trading Posts and Town Centers.

Swashbuckler attack.png Swashbuckler Attack: Sahin performs a sweeping hand attack that does 150 (37.5 against villagers) melee damage to the target enemy and other enemies in a radius of 3 around him. 90 seconds cooldown.


  • Sahin in Turkish means 'hawk' which is originally spelled as Shahin (Şahin). His nickname "the falcon" means 'doğan' in Turkish.
  • Sahin refers to Morgan Black and his men as "Frenks", even though Morgan corrects him by mentioning being Scottish. This practice dates back to the Crusades, where Muslim troops referred to all Christians as "Frenks", even if the Christians were not originally from France or had ancestors from there.