La ruins

A ruin controlled by the player.

Ruins are megalithic structures in Age of Empires that can only be acquired when they appears within the Line of Sight of a unit. The color of a civilization corresponds to the color of the owner of a specific ruin.

Once all of the ruins are acquired by a certain team or civilization, the countdown to victory starts with 2000 years (which is five minutes in the real world). If an opposing team or civilization does not acquire a ruin within the time frame, the civilization or team with all ruins wins the game.

Trivia Edit

  • They have a similar appearance to the Stonehenge.
  • Although the in-game stats reveal the hit points to be 1, they are actually indestructible.
  • Any unit that approaches unclaimed ruins automatically convert it to the player's color once it appears in the unit's line of sight. Consequently, units do not have to be right next to the ruins in order to claim them.
  • If a player maintains the ownership of ruins, other players have to approach it in close range regardless of the line of sight in order for the ruins to change their ownership.
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