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Rising Waters is the first scenario of the Tale of the Dragon campaign in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon. The main objective is to help Shun rebuild the Dam, who is introduced in this scenario.


Following Emperor Yao's orders to go help the peasants in peril, Jiao-Long arrives at a town that has been ravaged by a flood and being attacked by Lizards and War Salamanders from the Underworld. Shun and Jiao-Long must now rebuild the Dam while fighting off Lizards and War Salamanders.


  1. Build a Garden.
  2. Build the Dam.
  • OPTIONAL: Rescue the trapped Peasants.



  • Mother Nature (Shennong) – Will send Lizards and War Salamanders to attack the player's base on a regular basis. On higher difficulties, they will also send Chu Ko Nu, War Chariots, and Halberdiers. They will also invoke Great Floods after a timer runs out.


  • Peasants (Shennong) – all Peasants will be stranded on islands and will be unable to fight back. They will convert to the player's side when one of the player's units come close to them.


This guide is applied to hard difficulty. It is, of course, also applicable for the other grades of difficulty. Players should immediately task all Peasants to gather resources, while one begins building the first Garden. Fishing ships should also be trained as for the first ten minutes they will be able to gather from the safest Food source on the map. One campaign hero should stand guard west of the base while the other guards the east, each accompanied by a portion of the available soldiers. When the first Garden is built, two countdowns will begin: one for a Lesser Flood in 30 minutes and the other for a Great Flood in 45 minutes. Both of these will deal serious damage to the player's base but the scenario can be won within 30 minutes.

The attacks will consist of Lizards and War Salamanders. The latter is the bigger threat to human soldiers so Jiao-Long and Shun should always stand in front to bulk most of the damage as they can regenerate and be revived. Peasants in large enough numbers can take on Lizards but for this scenario they should focus on gathering resources. Instead, players should train all available Immortals as they are the best counters to both types of enemy. The Lizards and War Salamanders are fairly stupid and will continuously pursue their target even if they're attacked by other units. If a Salamander locks on a Peasant, players can use it as bait to make the Myth Unit run circles around the Town Center. The enemy will then slowly receive damage until it dies. Only four Immortals will be available so players should concentrate on gathering Wood and Gold to train Chu Ko Nu for support. Additional Peasants will need to be trained to afford a strong defense but a handful should already be tasked on building the dams.

After the first attack, players should immediately train a Transport Ship and have it sail across the river to find the stranded Peasants who will convert to the player's side, saving resources. These may be attacked by Lizards but they will easily kill them with their arrows (or can even escape into the ship as the Lizards are not amphibious). Rather than bringing the Peasants back to the main base, they should be unloaded south of the river where a Settlement and a safe Gold Mine are waiting. Back at base, players should continue to build Gardens as resources permit as these are less likely to be attacked. Some Favor can be generated at first to research technologies like Acupuncture or Oracle Bone Script, but as the player cannot train Myth Units, they should focus on generating Gold instead as it is the rarest resource on the map. The first few attacks will be fairly small so players can use this time to build Houses to increase their population cap. All buildings should be built away from the Town Center and evenly spaced out to create choke points.

About ten minutes in the scenario, the player's Dock will be attacked by War Salamanders swimming in the river. Great Journey can be cast to quickly send Heroes to protect the Dock while the Fishing Ships garrison inside. When the threat is eliminated, the heroes can return to standing guard and the ships can resume fishing. The land attacks will also get larger, usually three War Salamanders and a handful of Lizards. Advancing to the Heroic Age will be needed to train more Immortals and to further upgrade them. Seeing as plenty of Gardens should already be built, the ideal minor god would be Dabo Gong as his House Altars technology will increase the amount of resources generated. Once the player's resource stockpile has gotten large enough, they can begin assigning more of their Peasants onto the dams (especially those who used to be tasked on the now expired Gold Mine). There are eight dams in total, four on each side of the dock, and they have a considerably high number of HP so they will take a long time to be completed. As soon as one dam is complete, the idle Peasants should be immediately tasked onto the next closest one. Once all the dams are complete, the player will be rewarded with victory.

Additional Tips[]

  • If any Peasants are killed early on, players should consider use Recreation to revive them rather than training new ones.
  • The Sentry Towers near the dams can be upgraded to fire arrows but rather than building more of them for defense, it is best to train Chu Ko Nu as they can escape War Salamander attacks while Towers cannot.
    • War Salamanders also deal crush damage so buildings will not resist their attacks for very long.
    • Houses can be built around the Towers' base for mutual defense.
    • On Titan difficulty, the towers can't be upgraded.
  • The Lizards and War Salamanders received a small boost in stats in this scenario so they will be harder to kill than they already are.
  • On Titan difficulty, the lizards do an extra +20 hack damage (for a total of 34) and the enemies will also attack with human soldiers - Chu Ko Nu and Halberdiers from the south and Cataphracts and Chariots from the north. This requires the player to train a lot more soldiers to defend themselves. It is advisable to mass Halberdiers in the north and Chu Ko Nu in the south to effectively counter the units.
    • If the player fails defending in the north, the cavalry and salamanders may attack the northernmost dam. They must be kept from destroying it, since the player will lose the game if this happens.
    • Due to the immense damage of the lizards, the trapped peasants can't kill the lizards after being rescued. The player should either send several Chu Ko Nu or ship the peasants back to their base immediately.
  • Also on Titan difficulty, both floods arrive 15 minutes earlier. This is not a real problem, though, as the player can simply refrain from building a garden. Even if a garden is built, the scenario can still be finished well in less than 20 minutes in total.


  • By not building a Garden, the countdowns to the floods will not begin, granting the player more time to organize themselves.
  • It is possible to send some units to scout beyond the town before building the Garden to seek out and kill any existing Lizards or War Salamanders, making the first few minutes of the scenario easier.

Closing Cinematic[]

After studying the carcass of one of the mysterious amphibian, Shun determines that they are War Salamanders from the Underworld. Now aware that Yin and Yang are no longer in balance, the heroes decide it is best to gather their supplies and head north to seek out Zhi and request his advice on how to handle the situation.

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