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Rio Grande is one of the revolutionary nations in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, unique to the Mexicans and available in the Fortress Age.

Revolting to Rio Grande costs 750 food, 750 wood, 750 coin.


Home City Cards[]

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  • Purple: Shipment that can be sent an INFINITE number of times
  • Red: Shipment that can be sent twice
  • Shipments that will be retained upon reverting to Mexico are denoted by an underlined name.
Rio Grande Card Overview.png
Card Description
Rio Grande Home City (Sierra Madre Republic).png Sierra Madre Republic Ships 1 Settler for every 3 Revolutionaries lost before this card is sent (max. 85)
Rio Grande Home City (Nuevo Leon Militia).png Nuevo Leon Militia Ships 2 Revolutionaries for every Home City shipment sent including this one
Rio Grande Home City (Land of Canales).png Land of Canales Inspiring Flags also increase the speed of units by 15%
Rio Grande Home City (Plan of Monterry).png Plan of Monterrey [Plan] Turns all Settlers into Revolutionaries; Most unit shipments that have already been sent can be sent again
Spanish Home City 3 (Factory).png Factory Ships 1 Factory Wagon
California Home City (8 Settlers INF).png 8 Settlers Ships 8 Settlers
California Home City (2 Haciendas INF).png 2 Hacienda Wagons Ships 2 Hacienda Wagons
Mexico card Leather Soldiers.png Leather Soldiers Changes the coin cost of Soldados, Salteadores, Chinacos, and Dragoons to wood on the first time, and vice-versa on the second time
Mexico card Liberation March.png Liberation March Infantry, Cavalry, and Shock Infantry get +5% speed and train time -35%
Chile Home City (Revolutionaries).png 16 Revolutionaries Ships 16 Revolutionaries
Mexico Home City (Fort Wagon).png 1 Fort Wagon Ships 1 Fort Wagon; Fort build limit +1
Rio Grande Home City (1 Ironclad).png 1 Ironclad Ships 1 Ironclad
Mexican Home City 2 (8 Chinacos).png 8 Chinacos Ships 8 Chinacos
French Home City 2 (8 Dragoons).png 8 Dragoons Ships 8 Dragoons
Rio Grande Home City (9 Soldados).png 9 Soldados Ships 9 Soldados
Ottoman Home City 2 (3 Falconets).png 3 Falconets Ships 3 Falconets
Spanish Home City 2 (4 Culverins).png 4 Culverins Ships 4 Culverins
Mexico card Presidial Lancers.png Presidial Lancers Chinacos get +15% attack and the Lance Charge ability
British Home City 2 (Cavalry Combat).png Cavalry Combat Cavalry get +15% hit points and attack
Spanish Home City 2 (Caballeros).png Caballeros Chinacos get +1 range and +1.0× multiplier against Infantry
Rio Grande Home City (Zapata Maneuvers).png Zapata Maneuvers Chinacos get the Zapata Maneuver ability which allows them to go into stealth without losing speed
Rio Grande Home City (Bastimento).png Bastimento Infantry train time -25%; Revolutionary train time -50%


  • The Rio Grande Revolution refers to the separatist nation that insurgents who fought against the Centralist Republic of Mexico sought to establish in 1840 in northern Mexico, formed by the states of Coahuila, Nuevo León and Tamaulipas.