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Rifle Infantry is a tag from the class system of Age of Empires III introduced in update 23511. As Foot Archers, Rifle Infantry are referred commonly as Light infantry (but AbstractLightInfantry in the game files refers to Shock Infantry).

They deal very good damage at long range against Heavy infantry, Light cavalry and Eagle Runner Knights. In the game files, they are referred to as AbstractRifleman. Rifle Infantry are vulnerable to Artillery at range, and to Heavy Cavalry, Hand Shock Infantry and Melee Infantry if they are forced to fight in close combat.

List of Rifle Infantry units[]

The following units are labeled as Rifle Infantry:


The technologies that affect units with the Rifle Infantry tag are shown below:

Home City Cards[]

The cards that affect units with the Rifle Infantry tag, or specifically some of those units, are shown in the following table:


  • Despite having a bonus against Heavy infantry and Light cavalry and "Rifleman" in its name, the Navajo Rifleman does not have a Rifle Infantry tag.
  • Although the Gurkha is the counterpart of the Skirmisher for the Indians and was cited in the UI changes of the update 23511 that it is now tagged as Rifle Infantry, in reality it has not been tagged as Rifle Infantry, as it does not have the AbstractRifleman tag in the game files. The same applies to its Mansabdar variant. This is probably due to a oversight of the developers.

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