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This Elephant has no rider and is out of control.
—In-game description

The Riderless Elephant is an extremely powerful and rare Elephant featured only in the Act III: India campaign in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties.


They are some of the most powerful units in the game and are almost unstoppable with their large amount of hit points. Unlike its huntable counterpart, the Wild Elephant, the Riderless Elephant has a more closer appearance to the African bush elephant due to its longer tusks, larger ears, and taller height. The elephant has the same model design as the ones in the Saltpeter Sites except they are significantly shorter.

In the Campaign[]

Act III: India[]

The Riderless Elephant makes its only game appearance in the scenario Raid in Delhi in Act III: India. The elephants are seen playing and loitering around the streets of Delhi and the player must destroy the nearby Weapon Caches to spook them. Once the elephants stampede, they are unstoppable, killing and destroying anything in their path including Infantry, Buildings, Artillery, and other units.


  • Although it is an elephant, the Riderless Elephant does not have the Elephant tag (AbstractElephant) in the game files.
  • The Riderless Elephant portrait for the Definitive Edition is reused by the Aiz the Tame Elephant.