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You have advanced to the Heroic Age through the Fertility of Rheia.
—Age up text in Age of Mythology

Rheia is an Atlantean Heroic Age minor god in Age of Mythology. She is available to worshipers of Gaia and Kronos.


God Power[]

  • TraitorIcon.png Traitor: Converts a single enemy unit (2 uses).


Myth Unit[]

  • BehemothIcon.png Behemoth: Living siege weapon that slowly regenerates itself.


Rheia’s benefits revolve around Favor and thus provides the player with economic and offensive bonuses. Mail of Orichalkos helps offset the Turma and Arcus' low hack armor and make them more durable against melee enemies. Horns of Consecration increases favor generation, reducing the time it takes for players to gain sufficient amount of favor for different purposes. This is especially useful as the Atlanteans have a hard time to generate more favor without spending additional resources on building Town Centers. Rheia's Gift makes technologies, including Mail of Orichalkos, cheaper as they can be researched using less favor which in turn can be used for the training of Myth Units and Heroes. Her Myth Unit, the Behemoth, is a living regenerating siege unit and closest that Atlantean players will have to a true Heroic Age siege weapon. It is ideal for use against enemies with heavily fortified bases and a reliable alternative to Destroyers. Kronos players especially benefit from worshiping Rheia as their Behemoths will already be cheaper and will be even easier to mass-produce with the increased favor generation. The Traitor God Power can be saved to convert powerful Myth Units or Siege Weapons to the player’s cause and speed up the steamrolling of enemy fortifications.


Rheia was a Titan married to her brother Kronos, by whom she gave birth to Zeus and his sibling gods. By rescuing Zeus from her husband, she set in motion the dethroning of Kronos and the ascendance of Zeus to Olympus. In Asia Minor she was known as an Earth Goddess and worshipped with orgiastic rites. Her name means “flow,” apparently in reference to female menstruation, and “ease,” perhaps in reference to easy childbirth. Following the rise of her son Zeus to status as king of the gods, she disputed her portion of the world and ended up retreating to the mountains where she surrounded herself with wild creatures. She is usually associated with lions or with a chariot pulled by lions.
—In-game history section
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